Thursday, 23 April 2009

Taking a Pause

I have been super busy!. Doing so much, thinking so much...stress!!. Time of moving is already next weekend. I am still doing my full swing packing everyday.

I will be disappeared from blogging world. I need for the next several months to concentrate and focus on a new life of ours that means, regretfully, pushing the pause button on this blog and pause visit your blogs for a while.

Before pushing the button.... just wanna share some photos from our weekend getaway. With some Sabahan and Sarawakian friends living in Germany and Holland last week. I had a great time.
Enjoy viewing.

I borrowed this picture from Nina.

All the best and God bless!

Sunday, 12 April 2009

Its too loud.

  • My next door neighbour is partying full swing right now. The music is sooooooo loud, I feel my wall is vibrating, they´re talking and laughing making my whole house trembling. Their dog barking like crazy. My time showing 1 a.m. At this time they should ensure that their music turned down to enable neighbours to enjoy their evening in peace, especially when it comes to them getting a good night sleep. It has been a long and tiring day for my family, my boys really need good sleep, I will hate it if they´re be disturbed, crying and awaked because I need a rest and quiet time too. Its annoying, the extreme noise make it unbearable for me to be in my own home.
  • I remember when we celebrated new year, we wanted to have karoeke session and small gathering at home, hubby went and visit our closest neighbours, those who live next door, to tell them we were going to have party, it could be loud. Just to show some respects to neighbours. Tapi jiran yg satu ni..buat macam tida tau saja that we might be affected by their noise.
  • This is not the first time, they throw parties many times. They keep us awake all night without notifying us that they would have a party..but we have been very patient towards them, we refraint ourselves from knocking their door or calling the police...Anyone with half a brain would have managed to reach that conclusion on their own. Paham2 lah kan, kitaorang punya rumah ni malakat to each other...ndak payah labah dikasih tau what to do kan..bukan budak2 lagi...kalau dia takana jiran yang sangat strict, habis pintu durang kana ketuk or they get a visit from either local environmental health department or maybe the police.
  • I know it´s Easter, its holiday, we are having long weekend, we´re all very relieved about it but they don´t have to push for 1 a.m to turn down the music, tutup itu jendela dan pintu labah..we don´t need want to hear them getting ruined our evening.

Friday, 10 April 2009

Frohe Ostern/Happy Easter!

  • To all my Christian friends/bloggers.
  • Have wonderful, peaceful and blessed Easter!
  • Happy Easter! Buona Pasqua! Frohe Ostern!
  • Here celebrating Easter mesti ada chocolate eggs. For children especially the symbol and great joy of Easter is the Easter egg and Easter handycrafting. Masa ni payah butul mau tahan iman sebab Chocolates berlambak-lambak di Supermarkets. Menggoda betul :)

These are for Easter egg hunt on Easter Sunday.

Kids got them from our neighbours Gisela and Charlie.

Kids handycraft in kindergarden (isinya chocolates and painted boiled eggs, sudah masuk dlm perut hehe)

  • May Your Easter be filled with joy and inspiration for the Lord Jesus.

Thursday, 9 April 2009


  • I just read an amazing article this morning after I turned on my PC and I thought its nice to share this in my blog. Personally, I find this as an amazing stuff to read on this Holy Thursday. After reading, I realized its so amazing how God´s goodness works through the people He uses. Someone said before, "There just aren´t good people in the world anymore", he was wrong. Today I disagreed!.
  • When we were brought up to do right thing and live by the golden rule, I think overall, most people ARE good. I believe that if we do good things, the favor is returned to us someday:) I believe there are still honest people out there who do care. I think if more people would just be a little bit kinder, there is less conflict in this world, and everybody would be much happier.
  • LOS ANGELES – As she walked from a post office, Talon Curtis thought she'd found one of those gimmicky sweepstakes offers on the ground that scream something like "$357,959.55" in big bold letters and "This is not a real check" in much smaller type. But just as she was about to do her part for a cleaner planet and deliver the paper from the parking lot to a trash can, she noticed it was a real cashier's check with a real signature.

  • "I couldn't believe it. I almost passed out," Curtis, who works as a loan negotiator, told The Associated Press on Wednesday. "I have never seen a check that big. Not in my possession, anyway."

  • She immediately set out to find its rightful recipient, but it was Saturday afternoon and the banks were closing. On Monday, with help from KCAL-TV reporter Dave Malkoff, she located the check's owner, who had arrived at her bank in a panic.

  • "I think she had walked in at the same time the bank manager called me back," Curtis said. "I could hear her walking up to him. and I could hear all this commotion in the background."

  • Curtis said she spoke briefly with the woman on the phone about a possible meeting, but Pacific Mercantile Bank instructed her to mail the check to them instead.

  • Not willing to take a chance on the mail, Curtis delivered it personally. A bank employee confirmed it had arrived.

  • Curtis said she never thought of keeping the check for herself, and she declined the woman's offer of a reward. Still, she's just a little disappointed.

  • "I just wanted to see her face," Curtis said, laughing. "I just wanted to let her know that there are honest people left in this world."
  • Pretty darn cool huh? What do you think? How do you repay someone for such kindness? I wouldn't even know where to begin thanking this kind person! I'm so thrilled. It's nice to hear stories like that..kind of restores your faith in people.
  • Have a blessed Holy Thursday Everyone. God bless!.

Sunday, 5 April 2009

Gotong Royong

  • Here in Germany, it is a stunning, warm spring for almost 2 weeks now. (about 18 - 20°C). The sun shining, birds chirping, flowers blooming. It feels so wonderful.
  • We were devoting our last weekend doing gotong royong at our new house, making use of the glorious weather. At first hubby said he can managed by himself, but I insisted on giving him my helping hands. Mengalah juga boss. We have actually done a lot in two days. We managed to paint several rooms of the house and doing some scrubbing, because some parts of the wall are uneven. Paint, scrub and repainted...banyak kerja. Laki saya ni rajin buat kerja but not tidy, the tools and stuff are everywhere, the place is pretty messy so I was busy doing the dustcleaning, vacumm and mopped the floor. The dust really made me sneezing thousand times, 10 kali vacuum pun still dusty. I would like to have the cleaning and stuff finished in 3 weeks time so we can start move some of our stuff in.
  • Our boys made themselves busy playing in sanpit outside the house for several hours. In between they played with our neighbours 4 yo twins. They started making new friends. Yess!. They´re so happy. I just had to cubuk from inside once in a while making sure they´re not out of my sight. Leher pun macam leher jiraffe balik2 tengok luar jendela haha...
  • I was happy I managed to help a bit, walaupun setakat kerja mengecat pisuk pisuk, door and window frames and cleaning but still by end of the day I was exchausted juga haha...just not used to this kind of manual labor. I think boss pun happy with my help. Nanti tolong lagi kaa...:) I’m just happy with the way our job turned out, I love looking at our white walls, the interior look so bright now, before, they´re grey and boring...We will continue our job during Easter break soon. Just hope the nice weather will stay as it is now.
  • Till next update...see ya.

Thursday, 2 April 2009

Kerana Boring!

  • I was quite productive last weekend, I have been baking and frying:) I am not a good baker by any means, but I am glad if I can follow instructions in German pretty good. Actually it´s nice to try so many German´s cake recipies but I never have the chance to go round with it because usually hubby is the cake baker in the family, always and love doing it for us, but this time, he has no time for baking at all, so I am taking over his baking job, sambil2 mau try skill hehe.. :-
  • Saturday evening was quite boring last week. I like watching Deutschland Such Dem Superstar (Germany´s Idol bah) every Saturday at 8 pm. I never miss watching this programme but ngam2 our tv mogok pula. Yah, dulu fridge this time tv pula...Sebal gue!. Something wrong with the cable for the receiver. I didn´t know how to fix it, didn´t want to fiddle around with so many cables behind the tv set, nanti tambah rosak pula...hubby was not at home, kids end up watching video so I made myself busy in the kitchen baking this.... I made Cheese cake with Peach fruit in it...Jadi juga and the taste was not so bad hehe...

I was feeling motivated after the success of my Cheese cake so I decided to make Donuts the next day, the boys were overjoy, they are donuts lovers and have been asking for Donuts for weeks. They enjoy it if they can be involved in rolling dough and playing flour. Sabar saja mama durang ni cleaning the mess afterwards. I tell you.

For the Donuts, it was quite a fast process, no recipe needed, pakai instant packet saja. Just add egg and warm milk, pour in the bowl and step, roll the dough into Donut shape and fry them in a lot of oil, this is the part yang saya malas ---- menggoreng :( I hate cleaning the oil later...

Those sweet stuff last us for a few days. They´re great for breakfast, tea time or snack during the day. It was exactly enough to satisfy our craving for a while.

Monday, 30 March 2009

My Broken Fridge

  • Ah-ah!! Damn fridge!
  • Yeah! Well, our fridge was broken. It decided to stop working just after I filled it up, just after I did big foodstuff shopping..yeah great!.I felt like kicking it and bin it because some food has gone to garbage. What a waste!. Ini yang bikin malas ni disaat2 kita memerlukan..dia hangkang pula. Not sure of the problem, hubby didn´t care to find out, carry and have it repaired!. Its not worth having it repaired, beli baru lebih murah dari harga repair:( We lived a few days without fridge, rasa macam hidup di zaman batu saja. Hubby opted for trying life without a fridge until we move but I disagree with him, I cannot imagine living without fridge event for a while.
  • The old fridge of ours didn´t live as long as people...I know, but I think it died at young age...Its only 3 yrs old. The warranties already went down hill..:(
  • But haiyah, I just need a working fridge in the house now. I don´t want to walk everyday to the supermarket and butcher to buy fresh food although they´re only within walking distance. I need the juice to stay cold, the food and veges stay fresh, the butter stay solid for my family. Kalau saya ok saja ni, cincai one, bukan tida biasa but my family needs fresh milk everyday and they need fresh ham and cheese for sandwiches to tapau for work or school. I hate thinking to risk throwing out food that goes bad before we get a chance to eat it. Betul kan.
  • So mau tida mau, I had to consider for a new one. I checked around and got one of the cheapest small fridge. Cost me 130 Euro for that new little cooling monster. Thanks a lot!. Masa beli tu mau cuba lagi tawar tawar tapi malangnya tida dapat, that´s the lowest price sudah. Cilaks!. I am just happy with the new stuff!.

Saturday, 28 March 2009

Tick Tock!

  • Not really posting this for anyone but myself, since this is something I screw up every single year. But hey, if either one of the two people who read this thing forgot,'s a little reminder. Don´t forget to set your clocks tonight in case your do not observe Daylight Saving Time.
  • Since we're approaching Spring, that means we will "spring ahead" and set our clocks ahead one hour. It's supposed to take place at 2 am tonight, but the easy thing to do is just setting the clock just before going to bed tonight. Then when you get up in the morning all will be right with the world.
  • I'll tell you this...I don't like DST. I don’t like shifting the clock around. Most people don´t. Majority of Germans against DST. For me, I find its tough to get up while it’s still dark and cold early morning. For family with small kids like us lagi susah, coz time change is very difficult for the children, it takes a few days to a week for them to adjust. But I am glad having extra daylight hours, everyone appreciates this, it´s easy to plan outdoor activities with family, kids are happy can stay longer playing outside after the depressing winter evenings.
  • So don't forget to adjust your clocks. Have a nice weekend :)

Thursday, 26 March 2009

Garden´s view

Garden´s view but there is no flower in the garden yet hehe...(tida tau apa tajuk mau taruh :) The guy just completed putting tiles in the guest toilet, hall way, kitchen and bathroom. They look great, very neat. I am in love with my new hobby room (the kitchen). Looks bright and spacy. My new dish washer and oven have arrived and soon will be installed once the cabinets delivered hopefully soon. Can´t wait to see.

We only had very little problem, the bathroom, obviously some tiles were not cut smoothly, some edges were damaged, macam kena gigit tikus..tida rata, I was not very happy, I specially love the tiles that I have chosen for the bathroom and really want them to be well done. Susah mau pilih tiles dulu oh..The worker promised to replace new tiles, hubby said okay only if he doesn´t make it worst. I quite pity him, that means double job for him, but what to do, business is business kan, good service, good money, we are on the same side. We want to have good bathroom. Despite the minor mistake, we still quite happy with the worker, he took time to clean up and left our house in fine shape and he did a good job with scheduling to suit our desires.

After every working hours hubby works hard putting wooden floors in the bedrooms. He is doing a great job there in spite of low skill (harap boss tia baca ni). There is a saying, perfect practice makes perfect. The floors will done after some refinishing. At least we save a few hundred Euros in putting flooring. Skilled labour is very expensive to hire. A plumber still busy installing bathtub and toilet bowl in the bathroom. (Hubby cannot do this job). Soon painting and flooring in the living room will follow, still a bit more have to be done before the removal, oh I hope we can keep our schedule. How I wish I can help doing mini task like painting kah, but susah bah nobody looking after my two crazy hypers. If they´re around there is nothing much can be done. Mengacau bah.

Here are some latest photos (still from the outside hehe) which I took when I finally managed to step on the ground where our future garden and terrace are. Dulu tia buli pijak..licak.

In front of the glass doors will be our terrace and garden one day.

Kyle is standing on the ground where we plan to build carpot and garage one day. Can see our future neighbour has started building at the same time. They´re building brick house and will be moving in soon too :)

The entrance for this house is at the side..konon-konon good for Fengshui hehe..

Thursday, 19 March 2009


  • Our move is still a couple weeks off. I begin my daunting and tedious task of sorting out stuff and my operation packing. I would go around the house to each room and start packing. Oh my, we really have so much stuff, valuable and unvaluable... Sometimes, I just don't know where to begin. I can't pack the clothes, I don't know what we'll need over the next couple weeks. I can't pack dishes, or kids toys. Packing has got to be one of the most stressful things you will ever do (*Sigh*). I've never enjoyed packing!. I went through all the junks we have in this house, and get rid of all the unwanted items...tapi macam masih juga betimbun. Today still packing, I have done 3 big boxes and cleaning, Lega!. now I just need a little break, I decide to sit down and blog..:)
  • Last Sunday the hungry bears (my boys bah) were craving for cake. They have been asking for donuts and muffins..So kesian, betul betul craving haha. So I baked them a cake last Sunday. We´re lucky I still had enough ingredients, Sunday, all shops are closed, cannot run to buy stuff..I couldn´t locate my weighing baking scale, rupanya sudah masuk dalam kotak! laaarrr...but I gave it a try main agak agak saja. Much to my surprise, the cake turned out quite good LOL. Light and fluffy. The cake was ready, hungry bears asked for whipped cream, but I had no more energy to do here is my simple lemon cake for our Sunday tea time :) sila lah....

With or Without cream, my younger bear still enjoying the cake hehe...

My break is over...time to continue my packing although I am not really in the mood...malas bah! plus the big bear cannot wait to take over this pc from me .. Have a nice day!. If I am rajin this weekend, I will make some muffins...

Monday, 2 March 2009

My Toskana

  • We visited our "New Baby" yesterday and i fall in love again LOL. When i stood in my new living room yesterday, my head was already pondering about decorating and sprucing up our home. Tia abis abis labah kan...:)
  • I took a few photos of the outside again yesterday. I wanted to make a few angles caption outside tapi tida trainers tekubur...its still very muddy in the surrounding after the long wet winter so i only managed to take these..these pictures look more clear as the days are getting longer and brighter nowadays.
  • Once the interior completed, I will give you all a house tour. I know you all have heard me say this before, but when I look at the house standing there alone tanpa tuan rumah, I am getting more excited about moving and all the adventures ahead!. I wish I could fast forward through the moving part and start make our new house feel like home. Tia sabar-sabar oh kan hehehe.. Now, i better go and do some shopping, my fridge is empty :) LOL....Thanks for checking on me...
Have a nice Monday :)

Saturday, 28 February 2009

It Was So Cold Outside!

I experienced the hardest/coldest winter in this land a month ago. Thats the toughest winter in my life since I step my feet in this land 9 years ago. We were socked with subzero temperatures and have turned into a teeth-chattering misery for more than 3 weeks. That was one of Germany´s coldest winters in 100 years. Cuba bayangkan. Temperatures fell as low as minus 25 degrees Celsius. The country is covered in a spectacular sheet of snow and ice. Everyday we were bundled up with four layers of clothes whenever we go out. During the brutal weather I really miss the constant Malaysia´s hot weather. I am suck in adjusting to cold weather. I am kinda fed up with this long and cold winter.. When it was extremely cold, everywhere freezing, this is how we spent our weekend on the frozen lakes....main slide. I am hoping the weather will get milder soon. I think everyone is looking forward to Spring and forget about subzero temperatures and record snowfall experienced over the past weeks. I miss getting back to the terrace and enjoying some warm weather and those grew views back to colours... I am just happy this weekend we´re going to have Spring weather..temperature will be up to 13 degrees with lots of sunshine..I hope it will stay like that..:)

The beginning..the present

Actually, as far as we’re concerned, the house is pretty close to perfect (at least the inside). Honestly, I am so happy. The house functions just the way we dreamed it would. All good though, and we've made it to the milestone. If all goes according to plan we should be moving in April/May. Hubby and I are a little more realistic and we will be happy if it happens before the Summer. At the moment, I have a long list to think about, a lot of things that I need to sort out before moving into a new place. I wish to get help to make this tiring process a little easy. Mau start packing but don´t know where to start. Pening kepala mau fikir tambah lagi with these two soldiers.. I didn´t manage to blog about the step by step building progress as I promised earlier as life behind the puter is always occupied with so many things:) Here are the beginning and the present building situations of our house.

Bodenplatte (Foundation for the basement)

Setting up the Keller (Basement)This is the keller (Basement)

Filling up soil around the basement.

Two big windows for the room in the basement and setting up the 1st floor (Living room and kitchen) and top floor (bedrooms and bathroom) Our new born house when its grey.. When it snowed and bright.. the scaffolding are still standing until the house is painted hopefully in Spring.

We look forward to a new beginning..I hope to share more soon...:)

Friday, 27 February 2009

Kinder Fasching

Fasching (Carnival) season was here again. In case you ask, Fasching is a time of wild fancy-dress parties and costume-balls, which are open to the public. Carnival reaches its climax in big street processions with elaborately decorated floats. This yearly event celebrated in Germany on Jan. 31 through Feb. 5. Every year I dress my boys up when this event comes as they´re celebrating Fasching in their kindergarden. This year Kenneth requested to be dressed up as a Sailor, unfortunately we couldn´t find the costume, he end up dressing up as a clown...but he enjoyed being a clown. Kyle became a little pirate this year. He was wearing Kenneth´s costume for the last years so I save some euros from buying :)

Monday, 23 February 2009

MeMe by Joan

MeMe - Tagged by Joan Joan tagged me with this MeMe tag, so here I am going to do this tag as requested :) Sorry Joan took me ages to do it...but better than never kan hehehe... Two names you go by 1. Luth 2. Rosina (inilah nama sia yg sebenarnya keke) Two things you are wearing right now 1. Long Pajama 2. Socks (mau pigi tidur sudah baini :) Two things you want very badly at the moment 1. A lap top! 2. $$$$$ Two things you did last night just before bed 1. Surfing the net 2. Watching tv Two things you ate today 1. Pancakes 2. My homemade Singapore Chicken Rice Two people you just spoke with 1. My mom 2. My brother (other than my hubby and my boys) Two things you are doing tomorrow 1. Will be returning Cds, Vcds and some books at the library. 2. Will be doing groceries shopping (our fridge is empty already). Two longest car rides 1. Drove to Holland (10 Hrs..because we were lost, that time we had no nagivation). 2. Drove to Switzerland, Italy for holidays (maximum only 6 hours). Two favourite beverages 1. Green Tea (good for health mah) 2. Kopi Tenom. Hmmm I don´t know who to tag this....:)

Sunday, 22 February 2009

Tag By Phil

Thanks Phil for the Tag:) took me quite sometimes to do it...panat mau fikir but its fun!. Here it goes... Rules: It's harder than it looks! Copy to your own note, erase my answers, enter yours and tag 10 people. Use the first letter of your name to answer each of the following questions. They have to be real. Nothing made up! If the person before you had the same first initial, you must use different answers. You cannot use any word twice and you can't use your name for the boy or girl name question. Have fun! 1. What is your name: Luth 2. A four letter word: Live 3. A boy's name: Lorenzo 4. A girl's name: Lindsey 5. An occupation: Lecturer 6. A colour: Lilac 7. Something you wear: Lip Gloss 8. A food: Lobster 9. Something found in the bathroom: Lotion 10. A place: London 11. A reason for being late: Long Travel 12. Something you shout: Look Out! 13. A movie title: Licence to kill 14. Something you drink: Lemon Fizz 15. A musical group: Linkin Park 16. A street name: Lilien Strasse (In Schwandorf) 17. A type of car: Lamburgini 18. A song title: Let It Be- The Beatles 19. A verb: Laugh! Now I am gonna tag hhmm....Ida, Syari, Joan and Rose ....I will have a look at yours later okay..:)

Saturday, 14 February 2009

Recession Romance

My Valentines is just another Saturday. I stayed home and went shopping with my boys. Hubby had to sacrifice our Valentines Day to do some urgent jobs in the new house. It has to be done because we are trying the best we can to complete the house and keep our removal schedule (will blog about this later). We agreed not to do anything for gift or dining out this year. But Valentines day does matter to us, first thing in the morning already exchanged wishes, hugs and kisses ::)) cukuplah kan kekeke...

While hubby is working hard on our future ness, our future shelter...I made a little cheap treat at home. As a token of love (konon lah keke), I fixed hubby´s favourite dinner. For me, Valentine´s day is a great opportunity to have some family fun!. My boys crafted Valentine´s card for their dad, but I had my name on it too...One of the cutest things they have done. I was touched!. We made muffins, they helped me to decorate with candy hearts.
I think this is the best way spending Valentines instead of splurging money on chocolates, flowers or jewellery especially now when we are facing recession.
Our gift to each other was a quiet evening together in our home (tinguk tv sambil minum wine hehe).

I hope you had a fun Valentine´s day :)

Friday, 13 February 2009

Happy Valentine´s Day

Friendship is a wondrous thing; There's so much happiness it can bring. I’m really glad that you’re my friend, And I hope our friendship will never end. Happy Valentines Day friends and to all bloggers out there!
Enjoy this special day.

Saturday, 7 February 2009

Tag : Why do I love my husband?

Thanks Dora for this Tag. It´s not easy for me to promote something I feel embarrassed about but it's nice to take stock every once in a while and remember what a blessing he is in my life, to reflect on him, and why I choose to love him. Why do I love my husband? 1) He includes me when it comes to opinions and decisions. I feel important:) 2) He fixes breakfast, cooking meals, baking cakes (sometimes) for family on the weekend (Sat & Sunday). 3) We put our boys in bed, do nightly stories, and most important, prayer time every single night together. 4) He is humble, patient, calm, understanding, faithful and very down to earth..what more I can ask for? 5) He is a wonderful and loving dad to our sons. He devotes so much time and effort to our boys. I admire his full commitment. I see happiness in his eyes when they give him hugs and kisses, when they call for him. Especially when they run to him and throw their arms around his neck when he comes home from work. 6) He shares housework with me...doing dirty work, cleaning, doing the laundry, etc. 7) He never forget my birthday and our anniversaries. 8) He accepts my weaknesses, encourage me and lead me the way to improvement. 9) When fighting he always the first one to say sorry...He still loves and forgive me inspite of my fault. 10) He listen when I talk, value what I talk and always offers me advice. He is my best friend. 11) He is always concern about my happiness. 12) He never expect my perfection. He loves and accept me for what I am. 13) He has sacrificed a lot for our boys and me. Bless his heart. 14) He is always there for me and my boys no matter what. 15) He compliment my cooking, my creativity and how I raise our boys. 16) He supports me in anything and everything I do. 17) He sticks for me and the boys, stands up to us, and defends us. 18) He is working hard for the family. Making sure we have what we need, food, clothes, $$$, good shelter etc. I am blessed having him as my hubby and dad to our boys. I deeply admire and respect him. I look forward to the future. He is a Godsent. Thanks for listening… I am not going to tag anyone..if you´re reading this, like to do it, go ahead:)

Sunday, 25 January 2009

Wishing Everyone Gong Xi Fa Chai

Dear All Bloggers, Friends and Readers,
Gong Xi Gong Xi Ni, Happy Chinese New Year 9394, may the year brings bountiful of good luck, fruitful times, health, wealth and fullfilment in your life and your family.
For those giving out ANG POW put away your imitation smile on your face. For those still receiving ANG POW hope this year you all receive ANG POW until your hand get CRAMP ::::)))) For those Non-Chinese, Wishing you All A Happy & Safe Holiday.
Luth & Family

Sunday, 18 January 2009

Celebrating 2009

We celebrated our 2009 at home last year with small group of friends antara dua benua, Malaysian and Indonesian. Just a small group of us. To make it easier, we did Potluck style. Masing masing bawa dish. Its better that way kan. 2008 will is the last year for my family in this house/town so we decided to invite some friends to come over and celebrate together..I am glad everyone had a good time that night. We enjoyed the food and good companies. We did a little bit of karoeke while waiting 12 midnight. It was fun. We all were not good singers, nothing so special but it was a good way to kill our time sambil practising our singing skill keke. Masa bujang bujang dulu very active berkaroeke but since got married and become mom malu malu pula pegang mic keke. But after first song, got over the fear and shyness, after that can get addicted pula..We, the wives enjoyed ourselves so much, our kids enjoyed themselves playing with each other, hubbies preffered to sit and watch while chatting. I think none of them can sing, maklumlah di sini Karoeke is not very popular yet. But hubby managed to push himself to join the ladies. Ndak tahan dia klu tida ikut melalak keke..but his voice really came along way, itupun after practising beforehand, kalau tida mangkali he would hurt our ears keke... Tepat jam 12 midnight, we joined our neighbours shooting fireworks outside. It was wonderful, we had best view ever. I noticed this time, more people went out shooting fire works in the street despite the bitter cold tempature. It was about -10 degrees outside during new year eve, bagagar bah kesejukan brrr....
What a night and with great people!.
I hope y`all had a fun celebration too!. Posted by Picasa

Friday, 9 January 2009

Our 2008 Christmas

I hope everyone had good holidays. I hope its not too late to blog about our 2008 Christmas. Masih valid bah kan? I must admit, I am a bit late, still moving slow at snail pace in the new year. I have been spending quality times with the boys during their 2 weeks break since Christmas, kerja kami makan, tidur, main, makan, tidur, main...They are back to school/kindy since yesterday, and this time I had to wake up, I had to start my full spead ahead with my new beginning and planning for my new resolutions. Santa came to our house during Christmas and we had a cozy, quiet and relaxing Christmas just the four of us. The week between Christmas and New year was my favourite time. This time I didn´t complain for having quiet Christmas...I was actually started to appreciate the quietness and relaxation after the hustle bustle preparing for Christmas.
We had tea and cake (cheese fruit cake) before attending evening service at our church. Its the tradition in our area (Bavaria) to prepare fish for dinner during Christmas Eve, so this was our menu . Fish backed with pastry dough, potatoes and veges with sauce. Very simple one.
Usually we open our gift on Christmas after dinner, its time to sit under the tree and unwrapping all the gifts..Before the boys attacked the gifts we managed to persuade them to sit down for family photos..
Our best Christmas gifts from our boys (their secret project with their kindy teachers before Christmas). How sweet, I was so touched!.
Are you not satisfied Kyle? He was actually start to feel sleepy. Second Christmas, no cooking, ndak larat sudah. We ate left overs from Chrismas Eve. But the Third Christmas, hubby prepared Roasted Duck. Normally the Germans cook Goose but we had Goose last year. Its way too much for us. Ini dua budak don´t eat much anyway. I am not a fan of duck but got to eat it since its a traditional food and not to let down the chef! But the taste was actually fantastic..tida sedar I ate a big portion actually kekeke...

Duck with Kn√∂del (Dumpling) and Blau Kraut (Red Cabbage). Fourth Christmas, we welcome an acquaintance (from Qatar, making holiday in Germany) and family to our house. This time we had all asian food on the table...The next day we were on the road visiting hubby´s relatives and we decided eating at a Chinese Restaurant. It was nice to enjoy asian food after eating too much German food before. No pictures taken, as I was busy enjoying my food kekeke... last I managed sit down and blog about our recent Christmas while the boys are in bed...more will come!. Enjoy reading.