Saturday, 28 February 2009

It Was So Cold Outside!

I experienced the hardest/coldest winter in this land a month ago. Thats the toughest winter in my life since I step my feet in this land 9 years ago. We were socked with subzero temperatures and have turned into a teeth-chattering misery for more than 3 weeks. That was one of Germany´s coldest winters in 100 years. Cuba bayangkan. Temperatures fell as low as minus 25 degrees Celsius. The country is covered in a spectacular sheet of snow and ice. Everyday we were bundled up with four layers of clothes whenever we go out. During the brutal weather I really miss the constant Malaysia´s hot weather. I am suck in adjusting to cold weather. I am kinda fed up with this long and cold winter.. When it was extremely cold, everywhere freezing, this is how we spent our weekend on the frozen lakes....main slide. I am hoping the weather will get milder soon. I think everyone is looking forward to Spring and forget about subzero temperatures and record snowfall experienced over the past weeks. I miss getting back to the terrace and enjoying some warm weather and those grew views back to colours... I am just happy this weekend we´re going to have Spring weather..temperature will be up to 13 degrees with lots of sunshine..I hope it will stay like that..:)

The beginning..the present

Actually, as far as we’re concerned, the house is pretty close to perfect (at least the inside). Honestly, I am so happy. The house functions just the way we dreamed it would. All good though, and we've made it to the milestone. If all goes according to plan we should be moving in April/May. Hubby and I are a little more realistic and we will be happy if it happens before the Summer. At the moment, I have a long list to think about, a lot of things that I need to sort out before moving into a new place. I wish to get help to make this tiring process a little easy. Mau start packing but don´t know where to start. Pening kepala mau fikir tambah lagi with these two soldiers.. I didn´t manage to blog about the step by step building progress as I promised earlier as life behind the puter is always occupied with so many things:) Here are the beginning and the present building situations of our house.

Bodenplatte (Foundation for the basement)

Setting up the Keller (Basement)This is the keller (Basement)

Filling up soil around the basement.

Two big windows for the room in the basement and setting up the 1st floor (Living room and kitchen) and top floor (bedrooms and bathroom) Our new born house when its grey.. When it snowed and bright.. the scaffolding are still standing until the house is painted hopefully in Spring.

We look forward to a new beginning..I hope to share more soon...:)

Friday, 27 February 2009

Kinder Fasching

Fasching (Carnival) season was here again. In case you ask, Fasching is a time of wild fancy-dress parties and costume-balls, which are open to the public. Carnival reaches its climax in big street processions with elaborately decorated floats. This yearly event celebrated in Germany on Jan. 31 through Feb. 5. Every year I dress my boys up when this event comes as they´re celebrating Fasching in their kindergarden. This year Kenneth requested to be dressed up as a Sailor, unfortunately we couldn´t find the costume, he end up dressing up as a clown...but he enjoyed being a clown. Kyle became a little pirate this year. He was wearing Kenneth´s costume for the last years so I save some euros from buying :)

Monday, 23 February 2009

MeMe by Joan

MeMe - Tagged by Joan Joan tagged me with this MeMe tag, so here I am going to do this tag as requested :) Sorry Joan took me ages to do it...but better than never kan hehehe... Two names you go by 1. Luth 2. Rosina (inilah nama sia yg sebenarnya keke) Two things you are wearing right now 1. Long Pajama 2. Socks (mau pigi tidur sudah baini :) Two things you want very badly at the moment 1. A lap top! 2. $$$$$ Two things you did last night just before bed 1. Surfing the net 2. Watching tv Two things you ate today 1. Pancakes 2. My homemade Singapore Chicken Rice Two people you just spoke with 1. My mom 2. My brother (other than my hubby and my boys) Two things you are doing tomorrow 1. Will be returning Cds, Vcds and some books at the library. 2. Will be doing groceries shopping (our fridge is empty already). Two longest car rides 1. Drove to Holland (10 Hrs..because we were lost, that time we had no nagivation). 2. Drove to Switzerland, Italy for holidays (maximum only 6 hours). Two favourite beverages 1. Green Tea (good for health mah) 2. Kopi Tenom. Hmmm I don´t know who to tag this....:)

Sunday, 22 February 2009

Tag By Phil

Thanks Phil for the Tag:) took me quite sometimes to do it...panat mau fikir but its fun!. Here it goes... Rules: It's harder than it looks! Copy to your own note, erase my answers, enter yours and tag 10 people. Use the first letter of your name to answer each of the following questions. They have to be real. Nothing made up! If the person before you had the same first initial, you must use different answers. You cannot use any word twice and you can't use your name for the boy or girl name question. Have fun! 1. What is your name: Luth 2. A four letter word: Live 3. A boy's name: Lorenzo 4. A girl's name: Lindsey 5. An occupation: Lecturer 6. A colour: Lilac 7. Something you wear: Lip Gloss 8. A food: Lobster 9. Something found in the bathroom: Lotion 10. A place: London 11. A reason for being late: Long Travel 12. Something you shout: Look Out! 13. A movie title: Licence to kill 14. Something you drink: Lemon Fizz 15. A musical group: Linkin Park 16. A street name: Lilien Strasse (In Schwandorf) 17. A type of car: Lamburgini 18. A song title: Let It Be- The Beatles 19. A verb: Laugh! Now I am gonna tag hhmm....Ida, Syari, Joan and Rose ....I will have a look at yours later okay..:)

Saturday, 14 February 2009

Recession Romance

My Valentines is just another Saturday. I stayed home and went shopping with my boys. Hubby had to sacrifice our Valentines Day to do some urgent jobs in the new house. It has to be done because we are trying the best we can to complete the house and keep our removal schedule (will blog about this later). We agreed not to do anything for gift or dining out this year. But Valentines day does matter to us, first thing in the morning already exchanged wishes, hugs and kisses ::)) cukuplah kan kekeke...

While hubby is working hard on our future ness, our future shelter...I made a little cheap treat at home. As a token of love (konon lah keke), I fixed hubby´s favourite dinner. For me, Valentine´s day is a great opportunity to have some family fun!. My boys crafted Valentine´s card for their dad, but I had my name on it too...One of the cutest things they have done. I was touched!. We made muffins, they helped me to decorate with candy hearts.
I think this is the best way spending Valentines instead of splurging money on chocolates, flowers or jewellery especially now when we are facing recession.
Our gift to each other was a quiet evening together in our home (tinguk tv sambil minum wine hehe).

I hope you had a fun Valentine´s day :)

Friday, 13 February 2009

Happy Valentine´s Day

Friendship is a wondrous thing; There's so much happiness it can bring. I’m really glad that you’re my friend, And I hope our friendship will never end. Happy Valentines Day friends and to all bloggers out there!
Enjoy this special day.

Saturday, 7 February 2009

Tag : Why do I love my husband?

Thanks Dora for this Tag. It´s not easy for me to promote something I feel embarrassed about but it's nice to take stock every once in a while and remember what a blessing he is in my life, to reflect on him, and why I choose to love him. Why do I love my husband? 1) He includes me when it comes to opinions and decisions. I feel important:) 2) He fixes breakfast, cooking meals, baking cakes (sometimes) for family on the weekend (Sat & Sunday). 3) We put our boys in bed, do nightly stories, and most important, prayer time every single night together. 4) He is humble, patient, calm, understanding, faithful and very down to earth..what more I can ask for? 5) He is a wonderful and loving dad to our sons. He devotes so much time and effort to our boys. I admire his full commitment. I see happiness in his eyes when they give him hugs and kisses, when they call for him. Especially when they run to him and throw their arms around his neck when he comes home from work. 6) He shares housework with me...doing dirty work, cleaning, doing the laundry, etc. 7) He never forget my birthday and our anniversaries. 8) He accepts my weaknesses, encourage me and lead me the way to improvement. 9) When fighting he always the first one to say sorry...He still loves and forgive me inspite of my fault. 10) He listen when I talk, value what I talk and always offers me advice. He is my best friend. 11) He is always concern about my happiness. 12) He never expect my perfection. He loves and accept me for what I am. 13) He has sacrificed a lot for our boys and me. Bless his heart. 14) He is always there for me and my boys no matter what. 15) He compliment my cooking, my creativity and how I raise our boys. 16) He supports me in anything and everything I do. 17) He sticks for me and the boys, stands up to us, and defends us. 18) He is working hard for the family. Making sure we have what we need, food, clothes, $$$, good shelter etc. I am blessed having him as my hubby and dad to our boys. I deeply admire and respect him. I look forward to the future. He is a Godsent. Thanks for listening… I am not going to tag anyone..if you´re reading this, like to do it, go ahead:)