Saturday, 28 February 2009

The beginning..the present

Actually, as far as we’re concerned, the house is pretty close to perfect (at least the inside). Honestly, I am so happy. The house functions just the way we dreamed it would. All good though, and we've made it to the milestone. If all goes according to plan we should be moving in April/May. Hubby and I are a little more realistic and we will be happy if it happens before the Summer. At the moment, I have a long list to think about, a lot of things that I need to sort out before moving into a new place. I wish to get help to make this tiring process a little easy. Mau start packing but don´t know where to start. Pening kepala mau fikir tambah lagi with these two soldiers.. I didn´t manage to blog about the step by step building progress as I promised earlier as life behind the puter is always occupied with so many things:) Here are the beginning and the present building situations of our house.

Bodenplatte (Foundation for the basement)

Setting up the Keller (Basement)This is the keller (Basement)

Filling up soil around the basement.

Two big windows for the room in the basement and setting up the 1st floor (Living room and kitchen) and top floor (bedrooms and bathroom) Our new born house when its grey.. When it snowed and bright.. the scaffolding are still standing until the house is painted hopefully in Spring.

We look forward to a new beginning..I hope to share more soon...:)


  1. Au no ahaid koni Luthie...bah..start packing kama..sikit2 pun ok hehehe

    logot-logot kio...

  2. Haha ..Phil..thanks for your visit kio. Mau mula laini...crawling slowly like kura kura...have a nice weekend kio.

  3. Before you know it,'s ready for your family to move-in. It looks like it's going to be a spacious and beautiful house. Bah, as Phil said...inut-inut kau packing. Nanti, tambah pening if tunggu dekat2 mau pindah. Bah, update us kio...

  4. hi luth.. lain pulak style dorang bikin rumah kan..hehehe... looks so tidy oh..

  5. Joyce..thanks for dropping by. I have started packing Joyce. Every time I visit our "New Baby" i fall in love more and more, motivate me to do more packing, can´t wait to move more month to go yehaa...


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