Tuesday, 27 November 2007

Chicken-pox go away

We didn´t realized that Kyle was having chicken-pox after a few days. I bathed him and suddenly more dots coming out from his body, I didn´t that when one has chicken-pox, bathing is taboo coz that makes more dots coming out. We even brought him to an indoor playground, its a huge place with so many small children playing inside, I just hope that nobody else was infected. I feel so guilty now but that was without purpose and its too late now. Its more than one week now, I guess they´re drying up slowly, but still we dare not to bring him in public, all doctor appointments have been postponed, no shopping mall and no supermarket for us for at least 2 weeks until Kyle is really clean from chicken-pox. Poor boy, today he had diarhea and vommiting, I guess it was the effect from having chicken-pox. I hope he will not get ill. On the other hand, Kenneth is having a bad cough and running nose, no wonder when the weather get colder now. Today when sending him to the kindergarden I can hear like every child was coughing and some moms too..my oh my...Now I am giving Kenneth coughing syrap 3 x a day plus inhalation with salt water. I am giving him more fruits and drink lots of water...hopefully this winter my boys are healthy..last year was terrible..the whole family were sick Today I attended handycraft evening in the kindergarden with all the moms. We made santa claus from a capucino bottles for our kids. I did mine nicely for Kenneth, I hope Kenneth will like what mama did for him hehehe...

Saturday, 24 November 2007

Have you got yours??

I received my first Christmas card for this year. What a surprised!. Its from my friend Hilda and her family all the way from US. Really made my day during these gloomy days :) Thanks Hilda!. That means, its time to start writing Christmas card soon.

Friday, 23 November 2007

Diet Tips: How To Eat Less

Some random bits scribbled by Jeremy Zawodny Today's installment of the diet plan is a dose of tips I've learned that make it a bit easier to eat less without feeling hungry. So, without further delay, here are my collected tips. Feel free to add your own in the comments. - Eat less. More often. Rather than eating large meals, chop up your eating into smaller portions throughout the day. -I found myself eating 3 meals most days and having a snack around 3pm as well as another in the evening. -That was enough to keep me from feeling hungry while still eating less in total. Don't eat right before going to bed. I've read this numerous times and don't get why it works, but it does. -I set a limit of 3 hours. So I planned to go to bed at midnight, I wouldn't eat past 9pm. -Brush your teeth early. For whatever reason, I won't eat when my teeth still feel clean. -By brushing them several hours before bed, it was easier to accomplish #2. Kick the sugar habit. If you drink sugared soft drinks (I used to be a Mt. Dew and Coke fan), replace them either with their diet counterparts or water. This can make a very, very big difference. -Eat vegetables before the main course. -Whenever possible, I'd make sure to have an ample serving of a vegetable (you get very few calories for the amount you eat) -before eating the denser main course--often a meat or fish. You'll need less of the dense stuff to be happy. -Get used to leftovers. When you eat out, expect to take some of your meal home. -If you eat standard restaurant portions, you'll almost certainly overeat. -Shop with calories in mind. When you're at the grocery store, spends some extra time reading the labels and nutritional information. You'll probably end up changing your shopping habits along the way. You'd be surprised by the how widely the calorie counts in various granola bars varies, for example. -Slow down! When you eat fast, you end up ingesting more food before you body has a chance to figure out that it's satisfied (not full). -Drink more water during the day. This is fairly generic advice, but definitely seems to help. -Trick yourself with gum. Sometimes we eat out of habit or because it just feels good to get some flavor in your mouth and chew for a while. -Find yourself some sugar-free chewing gum and use it when the urge strikes. -Reduce the amount of breads, chips, crackers, and salty snacks you eat. -A lot of starchy and/or salty food make you want to eat and drink even more.

Thursday, 22 November 2007

Tips 4 Blogging...How do I get more comments on my Blog ah?

I think all readers love to read anything about blogging tips, including me. Since I am new in Blogging thingy, there are so many things I would love to know on how to improve my blog, Well, here's are some tips for our information. I see many readers prefer to read than to give comment on any blog. I read it from an article and its sounds quite interesting and I think its really work. Many Bloggers can raise up 100 comments in their every post, how does it happen? Terer juga? Bah, let's see the methods.... How to get more comments on my post ah?? Well they say, - Invite Readers to put their comment. Some bloggers don't like to turn ON their Comment Mode. I already did mine ok. Maybe you can write "You agree??, What say you??, ada idea??, bla..bla..bla" at the end of your post, interesting kan? Ask them some questions sometimes, when we put any question on our post, readers are getting interested kan, you agree with me? especially when we put question at our post title, make sure you interact with the comments and reply all the comments that written by your readers (Alamak, sorry ah if I haven´t responded to your comment, I´ll do that ASAP LOL) Kadang kadang lidut bah. This is really important, show that you appreciate them (I do, I do). Let your comment activity grow, Be Humble (very important!!). Let them talk what they want. Just put "thanks for your idea", bla..bla..bla..Padahal mau mati sudah marah kan. Reward Comments and Rank them!!!!!!. There are many ways "rewarding" your readers with their comments, the most active poster will be place in the higher level. I never use it before, I am still new. Your readers will compete among them to reach to the top. Smart idea kan, bijak-bijak but!!!!!, I see readers will write "Crap Comment" on your blog, alamak! just to compete with other readers, main hantam saja ni. Help them to promote their blogs everyday (kita kawan kawan kan, tolonglah hehe). You'll see many unknown blogggers put comments on your sites right? Adakah? mine belum ada unknown lagi nasip. Help them to promote their blogs by putting their blog´s link in your bloggers list, (Ok its good to know). It will help you to attract them, they will come back next time, (buli picaya kaini ah?). So what do you think guys? Have you increased the levels of comments on your blog?? Ketara butul minta kana komen kan hahaha.....

Sunday, 18 November 2007

Happy 5th Birthday Kenneth!

Today Kenneth 5 years old, but it seems just like it was only recently when he came into this world—a bundle of joy, yes, literally someone that the stork would not even manage to carry What can you call a baby 9 pounds and 8 ounces—too heavy! It is indeed a very special day for Kenneth. He is proud to be 5, proud being a big boy now. He is so excited, as a mom, I am so proud so watching my boy growing.

Saturday, 17 November 2007

A new kid on the BLOG!

It seems that nowadays many people having their own blogs..I am so curious about it. I know it´s been quite a phenomenon among all the writers/bloggers...but to be honest..I never understand or get the concept all this while..until a few days ago a friend of mind told me "hey..why not you try and register, apply it" she told me I can even make money while blogging, she urged me to try it...so..only yesterday I checked the blogger website and registered and now here I am with my new brand blog with my first short introduction hehehe...oh my...I am sooo way outdated...but never too late I guess..but then again...something drew me back..it says...all entry must be only in English..and I went "ALAMAK" ..simply because I know my English is way too bad and really already lama "Bertagar". What should I say? I have been living in Germany for 8 years now, still trying and struggling to master the language and I can feel my English is slowly getting worse, no english readings, no english programmes to watch except BBC and CNN..wuahh!! but now I guess I have to write more in English..start reading english stuff and improve my grammar, vocab and ect. Should be a good thing huh....it must nice sharing my thoughts, stories, ideas, experience for my folks and friends back home (Malaysia and around the globe) and the important thing is FUN!!. That´s all for now...I will be back with more stories....so stay tune ok. Thanks for coming to my humble nest!