Wednesday, 31 December 2008

Happy New Year 2009!

I haven´t got the opportunity to update my blog about our Christmas yet! I hope I can do that in the new year hehe...
So, as the new year unfolds, I would like to wish all friends and families and your loved ones God´s wonderful blessings and peace, good health, happines and prosperity in the coming new year.
May the new year bring more and more blessings that each of us can share.
May each day bring for you a new joys and new hopes.
I wish you success in all the opportunities that come your way this year.
Happy New One and All!
God bless!
Luth and Family

Tuesday, 23 December 2008

Merry Christmas Everyone!!

To all friends around the globe,
Wishing you all a blessed Christmas 2008
and a joyous and prosperous New Year 2009.
May God continue blessings!.
Greetings from us,
The Sturm Family

Wednesday, 17 December 2008

(Almost) Ready For Christmas!!

Christmas decorations are up. Presents for our loved ones have been bought. Handmade cards have been sent …(yeah took so much of my time doing them but enjoyed it so much, maybe they don´t look amazing or so great like the one in the shops but I feel its rewarding; I feel the joy which cannot be purchased). Receiving handmade Christmas cards is special isn´t it? To friends that I cannot reach via Christmas cards this year, please don´t be kumaus, I am really lack of time. I will try next year kio. Christmas songs are playing nonstop now. Christmas cookies have been baked (Peanut cookies tapi sikit saja...maybe I will try to bake Pineapple tart or Kueh Makmur kalau rajin...) Christmas menu has been set.. White Christmas kah tida?? I don´t think so... weather man says next week will be just grey and temperature will be mild. But that´s okay for least the road will not be slippery as we will be on the road during the season to visit hubby´s relatives. Christmas season, no matter how stressful, is always full of joy, especially if you have little kids at home!, we’re getting a real tree this on Friday and cannot wait to decorate it with my boys.. they also enjoying helping mama rolling dough making Christmas cookies..this adds more special feelings and put us more into Christmas mood. I am so ready for Christmas with my little family in Germany but actually started missing my family back home as Christmas is approaching, I am sure Christmas back home is much much merrier sebab ada family gathering with lots of yummy food. Aduii sedihnya aku cannot be there to join them...but there is not much to be done about it, just have to cope being separated with mama, siblings and anak anak buah yang tercinta…sob! sob! ...nasip ada telephone ...yang jauh jadi dekat.

Our simple tree is now standing and decorated...

To those who celebrate Christmas wherever you Malaysia, in Europe, US, Australia or any other parts of the Globe...bah good luck with your preparation!.

Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Kindergarden Photos!

Taking my boys photos is not very easy. The eldest, whenever I am clicking my camera he turns his face away or pulls out his tounge!. The small guy always making face..I rarely have nice smiley photos of him…My poor boys are sometimes sick of camera because I am contanstly asking them to pose for mama. I am sorry to admit it, but I even resort to bribery at times and promise a toy or a sweet if they let me take a few photos of them. I guess I am a sucker for punishment, but I love taking photographs...bah mamarazzi kan! hehehe.. Last month my boys had photo session in their kindergarden...The theme was AUTUMN. I dressed them up and I was hoping they would cooperate with the photographer especially my little one, because he is extremely shy. He would only pose for mama (sometimes tho) but for stranger? We´ll see... First, group photo, individual photos and siblings photos. Luckily the photo session was a whole lot of fun, I was there behind the photographer....berabis saya signaling them to smile to the camera hehehe...The boys actually had a great time posing and the result was great. The photos are ready. Here are some to share and soon I have to get ready copies of my beautiful pieces of art of my loved one for gifts this holiday ......

Yellow Group Photo at St. Konrad Kindergarden (can you find my boys??) Showing his teeths!
Malu malu lagi!
Blooming to be a Pilot? LOL..
Siblings pose!