Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Kindergarden Photos!

Taking my boys photos is not very easy. The eldest, whenever I am clicking my camera he turns his face away or pulls out his tounge!. The small guy always making face..I rarely have nice smiley photos of him…My poor boys are sometimes sick of camera because I am contanstly asking them to pose for mama. I am sorry to admit it, but I even resort to bribery at times and promise a toy or a sweet if they let me take a few photos of them. I guess I am a sucker for punishment, but I love taking photographs...bah mamarazzi kan! hehehe.. Last month my boys had photo session in their kindergarden...The theme was AUTUMN. I dressed them up and I was hoping they would cooperate with the photographer especially my little one, because he is extremely shy. He would only pose for mama (sometimes tho) but for stranger? We´ll see... First, group photo, individual photos and siblings photos. Luckily the photo session was a whole lot of fun, I was there behind the photographer....berabis saya signaling them to smile to the camera hehehe...The boys actually had a great time posing and the result was great. The photos are ready. Here are some to share and soon I have to get ready copies of my beautiful pieces of art of my loved one for gifts this holiday ......

Yellow Group Photo at St. Konrad Kindergarden (can you find my boys??) Showing his teeths!
Malu malu lagi!
Blooming to be a Pilot? LOL..
Siblings pose!


  1. Your young men are handsome!!

  2. Aduii Luthie..samalah kita..I like taking photographs and my models usually are my children..and they are tired of it hehehe

  3. Hahaha... Luth, kesian kau mau kasi bribe your kids to take pictures. My Brian pun kadang-kadang susah tuu, but sometimes he's okay. I will always use the key word "please, Brian I want to show my family this picture"... barulah dia okay... hehe. Anyways, thanks for sharing your handsome boys' pictures :)

  4. Hi Luthieeee!! Wah, ensem2 gia ko punya starring nie :D Sia punya youngest tu paling suka posing, nampak seja kemera, nah bukan main lagi dia mo begaya! Haha

    Your eldest tu kan looks so similar to one of my nephews, kami panggil dia si Boboy... tapi dia 17 tahun suda!

  5. Handsome nya cousin2 sia ni...hehe

  6. I like the 2nd. last pic.
    Eh, handsome lah your anak-anak ni.

  7. wow.. handsome boys.. yes.. so mamarazi .. i dont blame you.. i do it all the time.. more pics..more toys lah tu.. hahaha

  8. Beautiful pics Luth! Pandai bergaya om makin handsome bah si Kenneth & Kyle. :-)


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