Thursday, 27 November 2008

First Snow Of The Year!!

Oooooooh! There’s SNOW ON THE GROUND!!!!!
Snow makes my day. Makes my kids day!. Winter is not my liking, but as long as there is snow, I think I can handle the weather a lot hehe. I have to say I am a snow lover!!.
We had our first snow of the year a week ago. Its not even officially winter yet but first snow made an early appearance. Kids were so happy..It snowed for 4 days here in the South.. (In the South there’s always more snow).
The first and second day, the snow did not settle because the ground is not cold enough yet. We had blue sky and the sun shining in between made the snow melted quickly. But the third day, it was snowing well enough to call it snow, we had our first real snow fall.
Anyway, it feels good experiencing the first layer of snow although it's not enough to use it for snowboarding or sleighing yet (kids were frustrating..prasss menonggeng tida dapat main sleigh tuari haha). But that will come soon - I am sure!
I managed to snap a few photos before the snow melting away....
All is white..all is bright
View from my son´s bedroom. Thick layer of snow on his balcony. This is the first day, not enough snow for shoveling yet.


  1. Wahhhh bestnya ada snow!!

    Bila lah saya dapat merasa snow ni :(

    Nway, enjoy your snow Luth...kalo dpt sleigh sudah...ambil gambar banyak2 kio...share them with us

  2. Wow! i have never seen snow irl before... Syoknyaaaa

  3. Wow! so nice! sure a white xmas over there

  4. Hi Phil,

    Klu kau datang sini musim winter bah merasalah kau snow!´re most welcome!. Sure will take some photos klu itu snow cukup for sleighing nanti Phil. Klu tida pun we have to drive somewhere to high land to look for snow. Nda jauh juga.

  5. Hi Celine,

    Thanks for looking. Should bring your family for holiday somewhere there is snow...must be fun for the kids.

  6. Hi Rose,
    Not sure if we´re going to have white Christmas this year. Last year Christmas was dry, we´ll see this year. Thanks for coming okay. take care.

  7. wah.. really white xmas oh.. hantar p sabah sikit.. kasih sana KP.. panas gia sana tu..

  8. Hi there Luth, ya share with us more photos of the snow nanti ya.

    I remember many years ago, first time kami jumpa snow, my friend sampai makan bah the snow sebab telampau excited. LOL.

  9. Is this your son..?Hansem nye.. ;)

  10. Hi Shirley, How are you doing? Hows everyone doing at home? Where are you guys going to have your Christmas? I miss celebrating Christmas in kampung. Will never have the chance as my eldest will go to school next year (d sini no school holiday in Dec. Its a shame really). Yah klu buli aku humban sikit snow tu sampai di KP ndak payah pakai kipas angin kan LOL.

  11. Hi Cath..thanks for looking, yeah both of them are my sons..thanks.

  12. Wahh.. turun suda snow!! Tempat si Ann pun baru turun snow tapi nipis seja dia bilang.

    Sighhh.. bila la sia berpeluang pigang snow ni :(


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