Thursday, 30 October 2008

Our House Is Sold!!!

Yup that´s right, you heard it. We sold our house, we sold our house, we sold house house. Ya, ya, ya..can you see me doing the happy dance???? Oh yeah, we sold our house hehehe... Okay I am drinking champagne and celebrating. In fact, we have been trying to put our house on the market since two years ago. You see, it has been for agessss!!.... In this time we have had numerous offers made, accepted and rejected. We had pretty hectic life in trying to sell this house. Praise the Lord, it´s all over now. It´s done!. It´s worked out in the end. Sometimes it´s worth waiting, walaupun lama but we feel satisfied in the end. Hari ini dalam sejarah!, Wednesday, 16th October, 2008, at 16.30 hour, we exchanged contracts and finally completed the sale of our house. The relief associated with this sale is huge!!. We felt like a big burden is just lifted from our shoulders!. It feels so much better to have it over with. Now we can focus on the building of our new home.. (in the progress now...) We are getting excited about the move but we are also really starting to realize that we will be leaving here...haiyah I don´t want to think so much about the moving now...We are just glad that this house is sold. It has been giving us good shelter for 6 straight years....We will be leaving a lot of happy moments here...

Friday, 10 October 2008

Golden October!

My first post after I made a come back to blogging world!. Tried to post earlier tapi tiba tiba jatuh sakit pula haiyah!..went down with flu, cough, soar troat and bad headache....I am glad I had enough rest and sleep, now I am ready to face the world again hehe.. I can't stay sick for very long I don't have the time to... Berbalik kepada cerita autumn...our gloriously beautiful autumn days are back. After strolling around our housing area a few days ago, I found that more than the trees were hailing the coming winter with the fall crimsons and golds. Autumn is one of my favorite time of year, with its brisk, cool, and beautifully colored leaves. By this time of year, many of us are tired of the summer's stifling heat, and we're ready for the changes granted by autumn. The flowers begin to fade, the leaves begin to turn their wonderful colors, from green to the vibrants reds, oranges, yellows and browns...and the grass doesn't need mowing so much. I can’t help but looking in awe at the breathtaking colors that this autumn has unveiled. We begin putting up all out summer wear, and get out all our long sleeve clothes, our jackets, hats and gloves. We begin wondering what to give for Christmas and getting our lists ready!. When the leaves start to spill onto the crisp green grass, before they turn into yukky, squelchy mud I quickly took a few shots!. So enjoy viewing them. It's Autumn and it's beautiful. To those who are experiencing autumn now..enjoy it and happy raking (in case larrr haha).

Sunday, 5 October 2008

Coming Back Slowly!

I am coming back to my blogging world (Slowly but Surely!). I want to get back to regular posting soon. Kononlah haha... If there was an award for bad bloggers, I would get it. I really have missed it, I look forward to blogging again. It's a lonely feeling for Tumpi in Schwandorf to be silent. Now I sit in front of my computer, staring at the welcome screen. So, I am now back to being the lone wolf, doggy-paddling through the internet... In the mean time, let me know what I’ve missed in the blog world.???