Thursday, 27 November 2008

First Snow Of The Year!!

Oooooooh! There’s SNOW ON THE GROUND!!!!!
Snow makes my day. Makes my kids day!. Winter is not my liking, but as long as there is snow, I think I can handle the weather a lot hehe. I have to say I am a snow lover!!.
We had our first snow of the year a week ago. Its not even officially winter yet but first snow made an early appearance. Kids were so happy..It snowed for 4 days here in the South.. (In the South there’s always more snow).
The first and second day, the snow did not settle because the ground is not cold enough yet. We had blue sky and the sun shining in between made the snow melted quickly. But the third day, it was snowing well enough to call it snow, we had our first real snow fall.
Anyway, it feels good experiencing the first layer of snow although it's not enough to use it for snowboarding or sleighing yet (kids were frustrating..prasss menonggeng tida dapat main sleigh tuari haha). But that will come soon - I am sure!
I managed to snap a few photos before the snow melting away....
All is white..all is bright
View from my son´s bedroom. Thick layer of snow on his balcony. This is the first day, not enough snow for shoveling yet.

Saturday, 22 November 2008

Happy 6th Birthday, Liebe Kenneth!

(18th November)
Unsere kleine Kenneth ist jetzt 6 jahre!!!. I can't believe it has been 6 years!!!. It feels like only yesterday that he came into our world. Life has been quite a journey. Amazing how life happens. This birthday was different from any others. All of Kenneth´s other birthdays seemed to be cute little baby birthdays, this year he is a little boy. We were enjoying watching him experience joy, friendship, love, presents, cake, attention, and all the other things that come along with birthdays. Kenneths had so much fun with his friends, they’re all at such a fun age, they just run around playing, role playing, and having a total blast!. Like other parents, hubby and I are experiencing the good, the bad, the hard, the fun, just everything in raising kids, and Kenneth turning 6 just seems to be such a huge step for him and for us. Our hope and prayer for him today is that he would continue to be the great person God created him as. He is our joy, a special gift to light up our room and bring smiles to our faces. I hope he never loses that, whatever it is. I pray for his heart, that it would remain soft and sensitive. That he would be humble and down to earth all his life. Happy Birthday son. You are loved more than you’ll ever know. ♥♥♥Mama, Papa and Kyle♥♥♥

Friday, 14 November 2008

Martinstag (St. Martin Day)

Last Tuesday (11.11) my boys celebrated "Martinstag“ (St. Martin Day) in Kindergarden. It is their yearly activity. We joined a short mass in rememberance of St. Martin in church followed by lantern procession in the street with all the kindy kids and their families. While walking down the street with lantern and torches, kids sang songs about good old Marty and their lanterns. It was great for Kyle as it was his first time holding lantern during the procession. They made their own little lanterns in kindergarten. The procession ended in the kindergarden garden area. Kids were sharing breads (semmels) that have been blessed by the Priest. Parents enjoyed sipping glühwein (Glow Wine) and bratwürst (sausages) and some Plätzchen (cookies) around a small campfire. St Martin is a holiday to commemorate lives of humility that came to symbolize sharing and helping each other in hard times. Saint Martinus or Martin of Tours, was originally a Roman soldier. He was baptized in adulthood, became a monk and was known as a kind man who led a quiet and simple life. Legend has it that he once tore his cloak in half and gave it to a begger to keep him from dying of cold during a snowstorm.

Shadow Theatre about St. Martin in Church. Hand in hand during the procession. The campfire.

Thursday, 13 November 2008

A lot For New Home

Hi. Welcome to our Donaublick 4, (our future home add), this post will follow the progress of our new home from the start, through every stage until the end (I hope). I will try to include as many photos as I can along the way. This is my sharing to relatives and friends. I just wanna blog about it, at least something for me to remember when I am rocking in my armchair one day kekeke... I hope you will enjoy witnessing/sharing the making and the birth of our little home..
Here was a former swimming pool.

Hubby cleaning the lot, cutting down grass with "rimbas". Showing my goodwill LOL..bah gotong royong!

This place become a new residential area now.

The boys had to tug along, the whole day under the hot sun, pity them!

To be continued..........

Monday, 3 November 2008

1st Day At School !!

My youngest, my little man, my baby, my preemie (who is only 3) just started as junior at St. Konrad kindergarden last week. Its a big step both for him and for mama. He had never been out of my sight since birth so I was so scared something would happen to him when I am not with him. Its hard to see your baby grow up and the 1st day of school is like being kicked in the gut and being slapped in the face with the reality all at once. I have a combination of excitement, happiness, loneliness, fear, and so forth. I don't really know how to explain it, but when you look at your child standing there with a backback, you just think "wow, how did this happen so quick." It seems that this moment just crept up on me so fast, and I didnt have time to prepare for it. Its just weird for a couple of days..but I hope I will get use to it...Anyone else feel like that when your child first started school?
Gott seid dank! (thank God!), Kyle is so excited attending kindy. Every day full of spirit. When I drop him in kindy, that son of mine didn´t look back once at all. He just walked in into his classroom like he own the place. Lucky for him, he is in the same classroom his brother has, and he already knows some of his classmates from playing in the kindergarden while we were waiting for his brother or when the boys come over playing. It was quite a relief when the classroom teacher mentioned to me that Kyle has settled in quite nicely.
He loves it!. I am so thankful that he enjoys it as much as he does. I'm worried about how he will go with all the other kids. He is actually very shy and doesn't really interact with other kids. I hope by going to kindy Kyle will slowly develop his social skills and some kind of independence. Let him experience the world so he does grow and blossom. Ich bin stolz auf dich Kyle, gut gemacht! ( I am proud of you Kyle, well done!).


Halloween is not really a traditional German celebration. But now its common to see pumpkin (Kürbis) and jack-o'lantern decorations in Germany in late October. It has become a popular celebration for children and adults in German Europe. Although Halloween is not a holiday in Germany it didn´t stop me from dressing up my boys and participating in trick-or-treating. We went through our neighborhood and both of our boys enjoyed having their bags filled with candies. Very sad to see only a few lighted up houses in the street for Trick or Treaters this year. Even sadder to see not many kids out trick or treating. We prepared one basket full of candies and we only had 4 kids came up to take our offers. We still have so much left over and my boys are climbing the wall to eat them all ...