Friday, 14 November 2008

Martinstag (St. Martin Day)

Last Tuesday (11.11) my boys celebrated "Martinstag“ (St. Martin Day) in Kindergarden. It is their yearly activity. We joined a short mass in rememberance of St. Martin in church followed by lantern procession in the street with all the kindy kids and their families. While walking down the street with lantern and torches, kids sang songs about good old Marty and their lanterns. It was great for Kyle as it was his first time holding lantern during the procession. They made their own little lanterns in kindergarten. The procession ended in the kindergarden garden area. Kids were sharing breads (semmels) that have been blessed by the Priest. Parents enjoyed sipping glühwein (Glow Wine) and bratwürst (sausages) and some Plätzchen (cookies) around a small campfire. St Martin is a holiday to commemorate lives of humility that came to symbolize sharing and helping each other in hard times. Saint Martinus or Martin of Tours, was originally a Roman soldier. He was baptized in adulthood, became a monk and was known as a kind man who led a quiet and simple life. Legend has it that he once tore his cloak in half and gave it to a begger to keep him from dying of cold during a snowstorm.

Shadow Theatre about St. Martin in Church. Hand in hand during the procession. The campfire.


  1. So nice you have this occasion...thanks for sharing kio

  2. I like the lanterns. I wish we have such celebration here. Bagus kan!

  3. Hi Phil,
    Thanks for dropping by. In Malaysia we don´t celebrate St. Martin kan. I only knew about St. Martin when I came to Germany hehe.

  4. Hi Hilda,

    Its fun indeed for the kids. They really enjoy walking holding lanterns ramai ramai sambil menyanyi.


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