Thursday, 13 November 2008

A lot For New Home

Hi. Welcome to our Donaublick 4, (our future home add), this post will follow the progress of our new home from the start, through every stage until the end (I hope). I will try to include as many photos as I can along the way. This is my sharing to relatives and friends. I just wanna blog about it, at least something for me to remember when I am rocking in my armchair one day kekeke... I hope you will enjoy witnessing/sharing the making and the birth of our little home..
Here was a former swimming pool.

Hubby cleaning the lot, cutting down grass with "rimbas". Showing my goodwill LOL..bah gotong royong!

This place become a new residential area now.

The boys had to tug along, the whole day under the hot sun, pity them!

To be continued..........


  1. Wah... besar juga "lot" dia ni Luth. Nice area... If only you live close by, sia buli jadi kau punya "kuli" atau "mandur" ... hehe. Ngam Luth, keep us posted with your new home progress ah... siok tu, mau follow up.

  2. Hi Luthie,

    Wow!! Sioknya! Can't wait to see your new house. Congrats... finally kan?

  3. Your sons happy tu tolong2 hehehe..

    Bah..siok tu kan..though penat, stress dan banyak kerja..tapi looking at ur new home after that...hilang segala penat..

    Dan jgn lupa bikin satu guest room utk saya kio ;) mana tau..saya kaansau sana...hahaha angan2 mat jenin ni

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  5. Hi Dora, maybe it´s look big in the picture. The lot is only enough for one family house. But that´s all we can afford. Actually we would love to have sanaaa yg atas bukit sikit, the view on top is fantastic, we can see river (Donau) from on top there, unfortunately, makin tinggi, makin mahal pula..Sayang!, it would be nice to have you as babysito if you live nearby LOL, bah mandur also can bah...Thanks for looking kio. I will try to update more later...

  6. MaryAnn, thanks for looking too kio.

    Itu labah at last! finally can build our dream house hehehe..Bah nanti I will share more..stay tune kio!.

  7. Phil,
    You´re right, walaupun panat dan kepanasan, belum campur muscle pain (lama tida buat exercise nah!) dan tangan blister, end of the day puas hati nampak itu kawasan lapang. Teda bushes sudah. At least after that they can do lot measurement sudah..nampak dii mana tanah haha..
    Bah klu kami sudah settle di sana, you´re always welcome bah. Kecil2 tapak tangan nyiru saya tadahkan..(Ngam kaitu????).

  8. Luthie
    Pandai juga ko pakai tu phrase tapak tangan hehehe

    Bah...looking foward to the progress of ur house kio..keep us update kama..


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