Monday, 3 November 2008

1st Day At School !!

My youngest, my little man, my baby, my preemie (who is only 3) just started as junior at St. Konrad kindergarden last week. Its a big step both for him and for mama. He had never been out of my sight since birth so I was so scared something would happen to him when I am not with him. Its hard to see your baby grow up and the 1st day of school is like being kicked in the gut and being slapped in the face with the reality all at once. I have a combination of excitement, happiness, loneliness, fear, and so forth. I don't really know how to explain it, but when you look at your child standing there with a backback, you just think "wow, how did this happen so quick." It seems that this moment just crept up on me so fast, and I didnt have time to prepare for it. Its just weird for a couple of days..but I hope I will get use to it...Anyone else feel like that when your child first started school?
Gott seid dank! (thank God!), Kyle is so excited attending kindy. Every day full of spirit. When I drop him in kindy, that son of mine didn´t look back once at all. He just walked in into his classroom like he own the place. Lucky for him, he is in the same classroom his brother has, and he already knows some of his classmates from playing in the kindergarden while we were waiting for his brother or when the boys come over playing. It was quite a relief when the classroom teacher mentioned to me that Kyle has settled in quite nicely.
He loves it!. I am so thankful that he enjoys it as much as he does. I'm worried about how he will go with all the other kids. He is actually very shy and doesn't really interact with other kids. I hope by going to kindy Kyle will slowly develop his social skills and some kind of independence. Let him experience the world so he does grow and blossom. Ich bin stolz auf dich Kyle, gut gemacht! ( I am proud of you Kyle, well done!).


  1. Well done to Kyle, Luth. The next time you will see him graduating! Gees.. where did all our time go? ;)) NinaOA

  2. baguslah dia tak menangis!am happy for you...

  3. Wah! ur Kyle started kindergarten at the age of 3?..How brave and independent he is.

    All my children started kindy at the age of 6!! U know why? Coz I don't want them to go to school! I just don't want to be parted with them hehehe

    Hey Kyle! congrats to u dear boy! Enjoy ur school, ok *muahhhs*

  4. Duuuiii... cute bah si Kyle in his outfit. He looks so eager to go to school. Cepat bah dia membesar kan Luth... handsome boy lagi tu. Bah, thanks for sharing kio :)

  5. Hi Nina,
    Thanks for looking!. Indeed time flies so fast! I hope I can witness my anak graduating one day hehe, if God´s will!.

  6. Hi Ida,
    Thanks for dropping by. How are you doing in Holland? Dia tak nangis, no single drop of tears. Mama is so proud of her little man!.

  7. Hi Phil, Nunu abar? Everything okay at your side? Thanks for dropping by kio.

    Started as junior kindy at 3 is very normal here Phil klu durang sudah "cleaned". (No more nappies). Ada juga yg start before the age of 3. But I will not will send my kids klu belum above 3, sia kesian. Sedangkan inipun berat hati saya tau. But he is happy so lega hati saya. At the of 6, kids must enter Grund Schule (Primary 1) di sini.

  8. Hi Dora...apa kabar kau kawan? Nice to hear you had a wonderful time during Halloween, now I am sure you guys looking forward to Thanksgiving day, no long now kan.

    Indeed, he is soooo eager Dora!. Lagak mcm budak besar sudah.

  9. Way to go Kyle! He is a sweetheart Luthie. Duduk macam big boy sudah dalam kelas. Billy will be going to a new preschool right after we got back from our trip balik kg. Berdebar lah si mama ni.

    BTW...Kyle looks soooo cute in his outfit. :-)

  10. wah ... siok going to school already the way..nice scrapbook lah... care to share the link...tq

  11. Hilda, mentioning about balik kampung already! Uhuuu...I miss kampung already!!!. Bawa saya sekali? LOL..We have to settle down in the new place first and top up our Euros before planning balik kampung. When is the trip Hilda? If you berdebar, I can understand the feelings...

    Thanks kio!

  12. Hi Shirley @ cuz!!! Lama tida dingar kabar? How are you doing?? Hope things are fine at your side.

    Yabah my youngest sudah pigi sikul, mamanya ada masa sikit updating blog hehehe...

    Itu scrapbook trials saja can download from the internet :- Max it for 1 month.


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