Sunday, 29 June 2008

The Final Countdown!

So the big final that comes around every four years will be in a few hours. Over the past few weeks, we have witnessed some fantastic display of football. Germany will slug it out with Spain for final supermacy. In a few hours, Sunday, 29, at 20.45 most of us will grip our TV sets, sofas, Chips, Coke or Beers for the Final of UEFA European Football Championships 2008 in Vienna, Austria. Oh what a final!. Germany have qualified for the European Championship final for a record sixth time and for the first time in 12 years. Spain has reached their third European Championship final and their first one in 24 years.

German Team:- German team started as favourites but have not grabbed the headlines like the likes of Holland, Croatia and Spain. They got off to a good start against their close rivals Poland with Podolski once again grabbing the headlines at a major tournament unlike at his club side. Then came the Croatia defeat and they were forced to face up to the fact that they had a few weak spots and were going to have to produce their best if they were to win the tournament. They then beat Austria in the final crunch game, but 1-0 was far from a convincing result. I think they were a little lucky that they didn’t find ourselves in a 'Group of Death' like the one with Italy/France/Holland/Romania. Up against Portugal they were no longer the favourites but they pulled a top performance out of the bag. Turkey were seen as relatively easy opponents, but once again the proved that nothing can be taken for granted. They are in the final despite not producing our best. In the qualifiers they were awesome; during Euro 2008 so far they have been efficient but not spectacular.

Spanish Team:- I think every Spanish fan will agree that this tournament has been like a dream come true for them. They always demand their national team play beautiful football but in the past, that has always prevented them from going far because they’re not as good defensively and tactically. But things have changed now. They still play attractive football but they´re more well-balanced. Against Italy, for example, they played smart. They kept on attacking but they were also cautious not to get caught in defence. It’s good that their style of football is finally paying off and I think they showed everyone that they can still play attractive and go far in a competition. But now, the bar is set high. Every tournament from now on, a lot of people will expect big things from Spain. Hey! Do you have a ticket for the EURO Cup final? What are you waiting for? Siapakah yang akan menang di final dan menjadi juara Euro 2008? Many fans pick Spain earlier to win but I have to stay with the German team kalau tida kana pukul or kena buang negara Good luck Germany!, Viel Glück Deutschland!. Feiert kräftig unsere Fussball-Helden!!!

Friday, 27 June 2008

Happy Birthday My 3 Year Old

My cheeky 3 years old!
We had a little celebration at home in the afternoon. Brotherly love... Kenneth helping out with the cake cutting.
The Candle 3 terbalik pula LOL. Should be facing the camera..barulah.
King of the day at the Group Therapy in the morning during his Birthday.
Giving out gift to his classmates.
Got a little prezzie from his teacher
Happy Birthday Kyle!!!! (25th June). I cannot believe how fast the past 3 years have just flown by. I sit here and at times find myself wanting to cry, not because I’m upset or sad but because I am reminded of how far you have come, how much you have accomplished in these last 3 years. Thank God for what he has done in your life. You can charm your way into anyones heart with your boyish ways, almost able to say about anything and you understand people so well already. Everyday you impress us with what you know. You say "please" and "thank you," and "sorry" when you think you've done something know how to say a short prayer before meal and bed time...With all your preemie issues and shunt problems you have dealt with, you never let it keep you from trying new things and climbing new heights. Thank you so much for wanting to love life and fighting so hard to be here now. So much you have endured and overcome, yet you still remain a happy spirited and loving little boy to all. We cannot believe how amazing you are. You are patient, attentive, impressively intelligent, determined, stubborn, so very hard-working...also a crazy hyper but...Simply a beautiful soul. Your obstacles are nothing for you as you face them head on, continuously out performing all expectations for what you are capable of. So here is to you my lovely little boy, my Kyle. Happy 3rd Birthday to an amazing person who I believe will continue to impress people until you are old and gray. We love you. You are our little fighter, our little miracles. And just a reminder (again - for myself and everyone else :P ) Kyle was born prematurely with 670 gramm and was 32 cm long... and now he is 12.2 kilogram and almost 1 meter tall.
A Gift from God At first glance you were so small I hardy saw a baby at all, with tubes and wires a frightening sight but you were in for a big fight. Not even 1 kilo just skin and bones, Your body so small with problems so big, but you fought hard and continued to grow. So many fears So many tears You are home now and growing big I love you dear, more than words can say. A miracle baby A gift from God. You showed the world You showed us all.

Friday, 20 June 2008

Entering Kindergarden

I wrote about Kyle (my youngest) attending trials day at ki-ga (kindergarden) the other day. According to the letter from ki-ga he should enter ki-ga only in February, 2009, but after he attended the trials in ki-ga last week, yesterday the ki-ga teacher told me Kyle is already capable to enter ki-ga next fall (September)....Alamak! Terkejut sia bah...In 2 months time already? I told the teacher that he is not 100% percent "clean" yet and I was asked to do my "task" during this Summer that is to do toilet training with him. I told Hubby, he is happy about it, he thinks Kyle should attend kindy coz he has shown great interest in going to kindy. I told hubs that I can teach him at home but he thinks he should go...hmmm I have a mixed feeling..Kindergarten supposed to be an exciting time for parents and students alike but for me I don´t know whether to be happy or to be sad to hear the news haha...I think my little boy is ready for kindy, I am sure he will not cry buckets...I am sure he will enjoy there but I am still considering...I am quite happy that they´re willing to accept my son earlier, this way more than likely, my child can interact with other children, encourage him to socialize and participate with other kids but at the same time I want him to stay home at least till next year Feb or till he reach 4 yrs old in June 2009... Sometimes I feel like a selfish mom but I always worry about his mental ability since he is born premature...I worry that he is not ready to learn the kindergarden basic requirements..macam2 lah dalam fikiran saya ni. He is still my baby, he is still too young, still need a nap, still quite vulnerable and keep falling sick, I don´t want to pull him out again once he is already in ki-ga. We think his immune system is not fully developed yet, I worry he will easily pick up virus from ki-ga. But, let´s see, first, I will start with the toilet training soon and will decide when time comes. For those moms out there, any insight, tips, advices you can give me is appreciated.

Thursday, 12 June 2008

Home Alone

We registered Kyle in Kenneth´s Ki-ga (I think last year). Not only in the same ki-ga also in the same group with Kenneth. He should be entering Ki-ga early next year (Feb). Yesterday when I fetched Kenneth from ki-ga, his ki-ga teacher suddenly approached Kyle and me and asked if he would like to come for a few days trial at ki-ga. I know Kyle will be excited about it, saya pun excited juga. A few times when dropping Kenneth at ki-ga Kyle doesn´t want to go home with me, he always want to go in, stay and play. Sometimes susah susah mau tarik dia bawa pulang. I was actually glad when they offered Kyle to come for the trials. This way we can see if he is ready for ki-ga but I am pretty sure he will enjoy it there. So we started today, I woke up early this morning to prepare lunch boxes for two. I woke Kyle a bit early today so that he has enough time to sit down to eat his breakfast before heading to ki-ga. He was so excited about going to ki-ga, he put on his shoes, took his jacket and carried his lunch beg (odoi terharu saya tau!, dia punya beg tu almost too big for his size haha). But I am so happy about it, knowing that my little boy is not a baby any more (but still with nappy LOL). If I manage to train him using potty this Summer I am sure he can enter ki-ga already in Autumn (over here ki-ga only accept children who are "clean", that means without wearing nappies). But we´ll see, kalau tida pun I just "keep" him with me at home for a while until he is really clean...I am not rushing. At the moment he still enjoy going to his group therapy (especially for prematured children) every Wednesday for 2 hours. This group therapy is just like a mini ki-ga. Before I took him out from the car this morning, he already said "I want to go ki-ga" (in English) LOL. I am surprised with his spirit oh. The moment he saw the toys and other children in ki-ga he totally forgot about his mama, he didn´t even look back or saying goodbye oh. I stayed for a short while peeking from outside, looking how he was doing..I think he was okay, already busy playing and sometimes following behind his big brother everywhere he goes inside the ki-ga haha... I went home, sit down and enjoy my cup of black coffee, didn´t have ideas what to do when I am suddenly home alone for 4 hours LOL..I am just not used to it. At first, I thought I wanted to go jogging tapi malas pula, I dialed my phone and spoke to my mom instead (biasalah updating about the boys hehe), spoke to my sister too (I am glad the line was fine this time). Next, I planned to buy some soil and flowers but then I stuck on the computer for hours now...ah well, let me just enjoy these few hours alone in peace hehe.... Oppss...time to cook lunch lar ...

Monday, 9 June 2008

Hubby´s Birthday

Joachim turned 38 last Saturday. We thank God for another year. I didn´t throw him a huge bash. We celebrated it in our own simple way. We stayed home and just had our mini celebration just us, the four of us. Makan kek sendiri sendiri..luki kan haha... I have to admit, I am not good at all in baking (Lilian you know that kan haha) but I wanted to impress our birthday boy konon so I was searching for an idea when I finally found it in a one of my old magazines...I made strawberry cake with cream. I think the deco was superb but the taste hmm almost a disaster oh LOL. It didn´t really turn out so good hehe so sorry ladies can´t give any piece hahaha. Well, mau selalu buat experiment ni before another birthday comes this month.
The boys and me sung a birthday song for hubby before he blew his candles LOL..Sumbang habis but its fun to emberasse our birthday boy keke!. In the evening we did a little bit BBQ despite the bad weather (cloudy and drizzling most of the time). We ate while watching the opening of the European Football Championship on tv...siap dengan german weiss bier in hand bah..apa lagi singgarung lah terus haha. We had a nice cool evening.
The only thing I forgot to do was to get the boys draw a birthday card for their dad. It could be a cute surprise. I must remember to do it for his next birthday lah. I will get him a voucher for 1 hour massage in town. ( I got to know they have massage for anti-stress) it could be better for him keke..

Sunday, 8 June 2008

The Big 38!!

Happy 38th Birthday dear hubby. Thank you for all that you do for our family. Thank you for making our boys EACH feel as though they are your favorite. Thank you for slaying dragons for us. Thank you being a REAL man, for standing up to any person in this world, in our defense or on our behalf. Thank you for your seeminly NEVER ENDING PATIENCE with me. Thank you for treating me like a woman. Thank you for working your rear off to provide for us and NEVER complaining about having to. Thank you for jumping through hoops to keep our home peaceful. I am blessed to have you for a husband. Our boys are blessed to have you as their dad. I am thankful that God saw fit to give you to us! Another year older and wiser, I hope that many happy years lie ahead of you,
Wir liebe dich!
Alles Gute Zum Geburtstag and Alles Alles Gute! Deine Luth, Kenneth and Kyle 7th June, 08