Thursday, 12 June 2008

Home Alone

We registered Kyle in Kenneth´s Ki-ga (I think last year). Not only in the same ki-ga also in the same group with Kenneth. He should be entering Ki-ga early next year (Feb). Yesterday when I fetched Kenneth from ki-ga, his ki-ga teacher suddenly approached Kyle and me and asked if he would like to come for a few days trial at ki-ga. I know Kyle will be excited about it, saya pun excited juga. A few times when dropping Kenneth at ki-ga Kyle doesn´t want to go home with me, he always want to go in, stay and play. Sometimes susah susah mau tarik dia bawa pulang. I was actually glad when they offered Kyle to come for the trials. This way we can see if he is ready for ki-ga but I am pretty sure he will enjoy it there. So we started today, I woke up early this morning to prepare lunch boxes for two. I woke Kyle a bit early today so that he has enough time to sit down to eat his breakfast before heading to ki-ga. He was so excited about going to ki-ga, he put on his shoes, took his jacket and carried his lunch beg (odoi terharu saya tau!, dia punya beg tu almost too big for his size haha). But I am so happy about it, knowing that my little boy is not a baby any more (but still with nappy LOL). If I manage to train him using potty this Summer I am sure he can enter ki-ga already in Autumn (over here ki-ga only accept children who are "clean", that means without wearing nappies). But we´ll see, kalau tida pun I just "keep" him with me at home for a while until he is really clean...I am not rushing. At the moment he still enjoy going to his group therapy (especially for prematured children) every Wednesday for 2 hours. This group therapy is just like a mini ki-ga. Before I took him out from the car this morning, he already said "I want to go ki-ga" (in English) LOL. I am surprised with his spirit oh. The moment he saw the toys and other children in ki-ga he totally forgot about his mama, he didn´t even look back or saying goodbye oh. I stayed for a short while peeking from outside, looking how he was doing..I think he was okay, already busy playing and sometimes following behind his big brother everywhere he goes inside the ki-ga haha... I went home, sit down and enjoy my cup of black coffee, didn´t have ideas what to do when I am suddenly home alone for 4 hours LOL..I am just not used to it. At first, I thought I wanted to go jogging tapi malas pula, I dialed my phone and spoke to my mom instead (biasalah updating about the boys hehe), spoke to my sister too (I am glad the line was fine this time). Next, I planned to buy some soil and flowers but then I stuck on the computer for hours now...ah well, let me just enjoy these few hours alone in peace hehe.... Oppss...time to cook lunch lar ...


  1. How cute Kyle is putting his shoes and jacket by himself already! Pandai lagi carry his own lunch box, punyalah cute dia, Luthie! Billy belum lagi pandai sendiri. Oh, he start going to ki-ga already. Mesti sangat excited dia.
    Seronok baca how he was in school. Update yah!

  2. Hi Hilda,
    I was so proud of Kenneth, he look after his little brother in ki-ga. Kyle even shared Kenneth´s lunch hehehe..when they went out to play outside (garden) Kenneth helped him to put on Kyle´s shoes and jacket. Cute kan. I gave him a big hugs and kisses yesterday LOL. Tapi adik dia buat "big bisness" in ki-ga dia tida pandai tukar nappy but he told his teacher LOL.

    I think Kyle is ready for ki-ga cuma dia belum "clean" lagi. Now only trials..sayang juga only for a few days..

  3. Ki-ga tu kindergarten ka?? Konpius sikit :)

    Bah, kjap ja tu Luthie, sia punya anak mcm baru kemarin pi tadika, skrang suda form 1, satu lagi darjah 3. Yang tua tu inda mau kana paluk2 suda, nasib baik yang kicik stl manja.

    Enjoy your peace... tapi memang rindu kan bila sunyi btl di rumah.

  4. LOL..Nessa yabah ki-ga tu short form for Kindergarden hehehe..they all here write ki-ga, sia ikut seja.

    Katawa sia baca your eldest tida mau kana paluk sudah, bah tingkatan 1 sudah gia, mau naik bujang pandai malu sudah kalau mummy sium or paluk hehehe...

    Yabah sunyi pula, macam sia tida biasa pula LOL..most of the time mesti ada ikur sia..but only for a few days tho.

  5. wah.. lain plak rasa if nobody at home with you kan. well our children are growing and we also grow older..kesian..anyway keep us up to date with his school kio..

  6. Ohhh....punyalah kiut dia Luthie. Siok dengar how he take care of his brother. :-)

  7. Hi Shirley,
    You´re right! When our kids grow up we´re getting old but still young in heart boh kan? hehehe...
    In fact I did enjoy it being alone for a few hours at home tapi mau tau I looked at the wall clock every hours x till 12.15, time to fetch them hehehe..and I was the first mom waiting outside hehehe..

  8. Hi Hilda,
    Memang siok klu abang sekali sekala taking care of his little brother kan and protecting again some more..cute indeed. I hope Billy will get a big brother too..when ah? ceng ceng ceng..sorry soalan bonus lagi.


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