Friday, 20 June 2008

Entering Kindergarden

I wrote about Kyle (my youngest) attending trials day at ki-ga (kindergarden) the other day. According to the letter from ki-ga he should enter ki-ga only in February, 2009, but after he attended the trials in ki-ga last week, yesterday the ki-ga teacher told me Kyle is already capable to enter ki-ga next fall (September)....Alamak! Terkejut sia bah...In 2 months time already? I told the teacher that he is not 100% percent "clean" yet and I was asked to do my "task" during this Summer that is to do toilet training with him. I told Hubby, he is happy about it, he thinks Kyle should attend kindy coz he has shown great interest in going to kindy. I told hubs that I can teach him at home but he thinks he should go...hmmm I have a mixed feeling..Kindergarten supposed to be an exciting time for parents and students alike but for me I don´t know whether to be happy or to be sad to hear the news haha...I think my little boy is ready for kindy, I am sure he will not cry buckets...I am sure he will enjoy there but I am still considering...I am quite happy that they´re willing to accept my son earlier, this way more than likely, my child can interact with other children, encourage him to socialize and participate with other kids but at the same time I want him to stay home at least till next year Feb or till he reach 4 yrs old in June 2009... Sometimes I feel like a selfish mom but I always worry about his mental ability since he is born premature...I worry that he is not ready to learn the kindergarden basic requirements..macam2 lah dalam fikiran saya ni. He is still my baby, he is still too young, still need a nap, still quite vulnerable and keep falling sick, I don´t want to pull him out again once he is already in ki-ga. We think his immune system is not fully developed yet, I worry he will easily pick up virus from ki-ga. But, let´s see, first, I will start with the toilet training soon and will decide when time comes. For those moms out there, any insight, tips, advices you can give me is appreciated.


  1. Hey Luthie,

    That was exciting news, Luthie. Kyle must be so excited. Yeah, I do understand your concerns. It is always nice for him to be able to socialize with other kids. But on the other hand, mingle with other children especially in the Fall and Winter is also not good for him. Billy seldom has runny nose and cold before but after he started going to school he has like a never-ending runny nose. It kept coming back and when I asked his teacher, she said, 'Don't worry, all of them have it'.

    So I do not really know what to suggest you, Luthie. Maybe you should just try it in Sept and see how he is doing. You can always postpone it to Feb later if you have to. Kasian juga dia kalau balik2 jatuh sakit kan. Berapa jam gia itu Ki-Ga, Luthie?

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  3. Aaaawww... how time flies, I still remember congratulating you when you gave birth to Kyle some 3 yrs ago kah tu. And now, he's about to go to kinder, oh my gosh, can't believe it. You've been through so much Luth, bless your heart. I can understand how concerned you are with Kyle. But I'm sure you and your hubby know what's best for your kids. Good luck with whatever you guys decide to do, I'm sure it's gonna be okay. One thing for sure is you gonna miss him being around the house kan :)

  4. Hi Luthie! I am glad for you and Kyle. Dont worry, just dont pressure your self and kid. He will learn something at the kindergarden!!

    For my kid, I just keep asking her do you want to go the toilet. sometimes she will say she wanna go herself and start to take off her pant and diaper herself!

  5. Hi Hilda, Thanks for your kind words Hilda and sorry for the delay to respond, I have been super busy these few days..thanks for our long talk the other day. I enjoyed it!.

    After having a good talk with hubby we decided to only send Kyle to kindy next year in February. Hopefully by that time his body will get more stronger, I am glad hubby understood!. Phuuh!. BTW, kiga time is from 8.15 to 12.15.

  6. Hi Dora, I appreciate your kind word Dora, yabah teringat lagi saya 3 years ago, we went through a lot of hard times but I thank God for another good year Dora...I know in the end kami yg buat decision but it still so nice to hear some tips and advices from friends like you all...thank you kio!.

  7. Hi Rose,
    You´re right, no pressure right!. That´s what I am trying to do now...I will take my time to practice my son to go to the toilet without giving him so much pressure..slowly slowly catch the monkey siok oh your daughter learning to go to the toilet..I think girls are doing faster than boys hehehe...thanks for dropping by Rose.

  8. Hi Luthie! Sori lama inda jenguk your place.

    I think as a mother, we all have our fears when it comes to our child. I don't really have any magic words, but maybe you should let him try it out first.

    It's already July, so February 2009 is just a few months away. Inda lama bah tu.

  9. Hi Nessa...its incredible with my youngest, I tot I am going to have problem for ages to train him...tau tau much much easier than my know what, within 2 weeks saja he already know how to tell he wants to go to the toilet for small or big business. Now he is totally without nappy! except for sleeping and going out, tapi when we are out pun dia tida mau buat di nappy dia bah terpaksa sia lari pigi cari bushes I save a little bit $$$ for nappies..isn´t that good? LOL..proud mom here hehe..


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