Monday, 9 June 2008

Hubby´s Birthday

Joachim turned 38 last Saturday. We thank God for another year. I didn´t throw him a huge bash. We celebrated it in our own simple way. We stayed home and just had our mini celebration just us, the four of us. Makan kek sendiri sendiri..luki kan haha... I have to admit, I am not good at all in baking (Lilian you know that kan haha) but I wanted to impress our birthday boy konon so I was searching for an idea when I finally found it in a one of my old magazines...I made strawberry cake with cream. I think the deco was superb but the taste hmm almost a disaster oh LOL. It didn´t really turn out so good hehe so sorry ladies can´t give any piece hahaha. Well, mau selalu buat experiment ni before another birthday comes this month.
The boys and me sung a birthday song for hubby before he blew his candles LOL..Sumbang habis but its fun to emberasse our birthday boy keke!. In the evening we did a little bit BBQ despite the bad weather (cloudy and drizzling most of the time). We ate while watching the opening of the European Football Championship on tv...siap dengan german weiss bier in hand bah..apa lagi singgarung lah terus haha. We had a nice cool evening.
The only thing I forgot to do was to get the boys draw a birthday card for their dad. It could be a cute surprise. I must remember to do it for his next birthday lah. I will get him a voucher for 1 hour massage in town. ( I got to know they have massage for anti-stress) it could be better for him keke..


  1. Hi Luth,
    Looks delisedapcious.. Nasib jauh oh, kalau tidak... hmmmm

  2. Hey Luthie,
    The foods looks yummy! Sounds like you guys had a nice mini celebration. :-) It's okay bah Luthie, macam kami pun tahun-tahun pun mini saja....haha!

  3. Hi Jenn..
    Thanks for menyinggah..I guess you have been quite busy since you started your new job kan...bah take it easy kio. Have a nice day in Holland.

  4. Hi Hilda,
    Its yummby tho! hahaha...kalau kau ada I BBQ byk2 hehehe...yeah normally we do invite friends and make small gathering but this year kita celebrate quietly among family saja. Siok pula, not much stress hehehe..

  5. Happy belated birthday to your husband, Luthie!

    Wah, mengancam butul ko punya stroberi kek ni. Buli tahan, tadi sia ingat ko bili di kadai seja. Bah, pelan2 bah belajar, lama2 misti pandai tu. Buli buka bisnes sendiri kan. Minta satu potong? :D


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