Sunday, 29 June 2008

The Final Countdown!

So the big final that comes around every four years will be in a few hours. Over the past few weeks, we have witnessed some fantastic display of football. Germany will slug it out with Spain for final supermacy. In a few hours, Sunday, 29, at 20.45 most of us will grip our TV sets, sofas, Chips, Coke or Beers for the Final of UEFA European Football Championships 2008 in Vienna, Austria. Oh what a final!. Germany have qualified for the European Championship final for a record sixth time and for the first time in 12 years. Spain has reached their third European Championship final and their first one in 24 years.

German Team:- German team started as favourites but have not grabbed the headlines like the likes of Holland, Croatia and Spain. They got off to a good start against their close rivals Poland with Podolski once again grabbing the headlines at a major tournament unlike at his club side. Then came the Croatia defeat and they were forced to face up to the fact that they had a few weak spots and were going to have to produce their best if they were to win the tournament. They then beat Austria in the final crunch game, but 1-0 was far from a convincing result. I think they were a little lucky that they didn’t find ourselves in a 'Group of Death' like the one with Italy/France/Holland/Romania. Up against Portugal they were no longer the favourites but they pulled a top performance out of the bag. Turkey were seen as relatively easy opponents, but once again the proved that nothing can be taken for granted. They are in the final despite not producing our best. In the qualifiers they were awesome; during Euro 2008 so far they have been efficient but not spectacular.

Spanish Team:- I think every Spanish fan will agree that this tournament has been like a dream come true for them. They always demand their national team play beautiful football but in the past, that has always prevented them from going far because they’re not as good defensively and tactically. But things have changed now. They still play attractive football but they´re more well-balanced. Against Italy, for example, they played smart. They kept on attacking but they were also cautious not to get caught in defence. It’s good that their style of football is finally paying off and I think they showed everyone that they can still play attractive and go far in a competition. But now, the bar is set high. Every tournament from now on, a lot of people will expect big things from Spain. Hey! Do you have a ticket for the EURO Cup final? What are you waiting for? Siapakah yang akan menang di final dan menjadi juara Euro 2008? Many fans pick Spain earlier to win but I have to stay with the German team kalau tida kana pukul or kena buang negara Good luck Germany!, Viel Glück Deutschland!. Feiert kräftig unsere Fussball-Helden!!!


  1. Hi Luth ... German team kalah! I didn´t really watch the game - busy packing for Hans and Jonathan ... I was hoping for them to win too ... but ah well ...

    Siok bacah blog kau ... saya tiada gia ... I hope it´s OK kalau saya cubuk sini once in a while ... :):)

  2. Hi Flores,
    Thanks for dropping by, datang2 lah selalu, I try to update this blog if time permits.

    Yabah German Team kalah, I was hoping for them to win too but its not their luck but pigi Final ok sudah bah kan. I am proud of them at least they fight and played quite well too...let´s wait for 2010 Flores haha...


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