Friday, 27 June 2008

Happy Birthday My 3 Year Old

My cheeky 3 years old!
We had a little celebration at home in the afternoon. Brotherly love... Kenneth helping out with the cake cutting.
The Candle 3 terbalik pula LOL. Should be facing the camera..barulah.
King of the day at the Group Therapy in the morning during his Birthday.
Giving out gift to his classmates.
Got a little prezzie from his teacher
Happy Birthday Kyle!!!! (25th June). I cannot believe how fast the past 3 years have just flown by. I sit here and at times find myself wanting to cry, not because I’m upset or sad but because I am reminded of how far you have come, how much you have accomplished in these last 3 years. Thank God for what he has done in your life. You can charm your way into anyones heart with your boyish ways, almost able to say about anything and you understand people so well already. Everyday you impress us with what you know. You say "please" and "thank you," and "sorry" when you think you've done something know how to say a short prayer before meal and bed time...With all your preemie issues and shunt problems you have dealt with, you never let it keep you from trying new things and climbing new heights. Thank you so much for wanting to love life and fighting so hard to be here now. So much you have endured and overcome, yet you still remain a happy spirited and loving little boy to all. We cannot believe how amazing you are. You are patient, attentive, impressively intelligent, determined, stubborn, so very hard-working...also a crazy hyper but...Simply a beautiful soul. Your obstacles are nothing for you as you face them head on, continuously out performing all expectations for what you are capable of. So here is to you my lovely little boy, my Kyle. Happy 3rd Birthday to an amazing person who I believe will continue to impress people until you are old and gray. We love you. You are our little fighter, our little miracles. And just a reminder (again - for myself and everyone else :P ) Kyle was born prematurely with 670 gramm and was 32 cm long... and now he is 12.2 kilogram and almost 1 meter tall.
A Gift from God At first glance you were so small I hardy saw a baby at all, with tubes and wires a frightening sight but you were in for a big fight. Not even 1 kilo just skin and bones, Your body so small with problems so big, but you fought hard and continued to grow. So many fears So many tears You are home now and growing big I love you dear, more than words can say. A miracle baby A gift from God. You showed the world You showed us all.


  1. Happy Birthday Kyle. They say, premature babies are smart babies :) He looks good. At 12.2kg, just like my lil C now.

  2. Happy 3rd birthday Kyle, you are such a big boy already, happy to know that you are growing so big and strong and so clever each day. May you had a wonderful day celebrating your birthday, here's blowing kisses and a big hug to you Kyle....

    Love & hugs always,
    Auntie Joan

  3. Hi Celine. Thanks for the kind wishes. We do hope that Kyle will grow like children who are born full term. I hope he will grow healthily too. Thanks kio.

  4. Hi Joan..thanks dear for your kind wishes, do you still remember 3 yrs ago when I was in the hospital giving birth to Kyle? U were one of the my friends who support me with your kind words and prayers, bless your heart Joan. I will never forget it. I appreciate your friendship. God bless you!.

  5. Wah, 3 years already si Kyle, time flies huh Luth.

    Happy birthday handsome. Hope you have a blast everyday.

  6. hi luth....sia ada niece juga yg born premature & now she's 5 years old & she's doing great.....pintar lagi tu luth.....once again happy birtyday & big hug to kyle.....

  7. Happy belated birthday to Kyle ... dooi how time flies kan Luth - 3 years old already ... I still remember how small he was when we visited you at your place 2 years ago ...

  8. Hi Jenn,
    Thanks for your kind wishes. Kyle had a blast on his birthday. Thanks again kio. Klu sia ingat masa 3 yrs ago I really thank you guys for your support and prayers...God bless you all!

  9. Hi Anonymous...

    Its great to hear that your niece growing pintar and doing great, hopefully she will maintain it. As for Kyle, slowly slowly we can see that he is quite pintar too for his age cuma dia selalu sakit, his lung is quite weak selalu kena serang bronchitis.

  10. Hi Flores,
    Thanks for your kind wishes. Yabah time flies so fast x sadar sadar Kyle is already 3 yrs old!. Dulu kecil kan dia Flores now berisi-isi sudah, kuat makan tapi badan dia itu itu juga, maybe he will catch up one day....I thank you all for yr prayers and support after Kyle lahir dulu...thanks Flores for crying with me..I am glad to know you. God bless you.

  11. Luth, I almost have tears in my eyes after I finished reading your stories about Kyle. He's truly a "miracle" baby. And it also touches my heart to see little Kenneth taking care of his little brother. Nice pictures there Luth...Will you give them a tight hug for me :)

  12. Happy belated birthday to Kyle! He is growing fast, Luthie. Wah, he can say short prayers already, such a smart little guy! He is a darling, Luthie.
    Love the beautiful poem too. :-)

    Big hugs from aunty & Billy.

  13. Hi Dora, thanks for your kind words kio. Yah bah for us Kyle is really a miracle baby when you see how was he just after he was born, not only miracle but also a fighter till now. I am glad Kenneth is doing a great job as a big brother, banyak dia ajar adi dia...terharu sia tinguk kadang. Sia masih ingat semua kamurang punya prayers and words of comfort dulu tu Dora. God bless you all.Take care kio.

  14. Thanks Hilda,

    Yabah, time flies so fast, 3 years old already. I hope the problems is behind us already now. I hope Kyle will start catching up and grow healthily. Yabah, he can repeat short prayers yg mama durang ajar before meal and before going to bed. One day I asked him to eat his meal, I forgot to tell him to pray, but I caught him buat sign of the cross (tapi timpanglah LOL) but at least he tried and he said "danke liebe gott" (thank you dear Lord). That one he copy from Kenneth juga. Nice kan hehehe..

  15. Happy birthday Kyle!

    Sori it's belated and I don't have any hadiah for you but I pray that you'll be blessed with good health and lots of love from your family :)

    I simply adore kids who know how to say Thank You, Please and Sorry. You've taught him well, Luthie :)

  16. Hi Nessa, siou sia pun lama tida pigi tempat kau, I have been quite busy lately..there is always something to do behind the computer hehe...saya sama si MaryAnn pun jarang ber-call lately, I know masing2 sibuk maklumlah summer kan..thanks for your kind wishes Nessa..bless your heart!. Yabah mesti di ajar good manners kan..nanti klu pigi rumah orang tiada tata susila mama dia yg malu haha...


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