Monday, 30 March 2009

My Broken Fridge

  • Ah-ah!! Damn fridge!
  • Yeah! Well, our fridge was broken. It decided to stop working just after I filled it up, just after I did big foodstuff shopping..yeah great!.I felt like kicking it and bin it because some food has gone to garbage. What a waste!. Ini yang bikin malas ni disaat2 kita memerlukan..dia hangkang pula. Not sure of the problem, hubby didn´t care to find out, carry and have it repaired!. Its not worth having it repaired, beli baru lebih murah dari harga repair:( We lived a few days without fridge, rasa macam hidup di zaman batu saja. Hubby opted for trying life without a fridge until we move but I disagree with him, I cannot imagine living without fridge event for a while.
  • The old fridge of ours didn´t live as long as people...I know, but I think it died at young age...Its only 3 yrs old. The warranties already went down hill..:(
  • But haiyah, I just need a working fridge in the house now. I don´t want to walk everyday to the supermarket and butcher to buy fresh food although they´re only within walking distance. I need the juice to stay cold, the food and veges stay fresh, the butter stay solid for my family. Kalau saya ok saja ni, cincai one, bukan tida biasa but my family needs fresh milk everyday and they need fresh ham and cheese for sandwiches to tapau for work or school. I hate thinking to risk throwing out food that goes bad before we get a chance to eat it. Betul kan.
  • So mau tida mau, I had to consider for a new one. I checked around and got one of the cheapest small fridge. Cost me 130 Euro for that new little cooling monster. Thanks a lot!. Masa beli tu mau cuba lagi tawar tawar tapi malangnya tida dapat, that´s the lowest price sudah. Cilaks!. I am just happy with the new stuff!.

Saturday, 28 March 2009

Tick Tock!

  • Not really posting this for anyone but myself, since this is something I screw up every single year. But hey, if either one of the two people who read this thing forgot,'s a little reminder. Don´t forget to set your clocks tonight in case your do not observe Daylight Saving Time.
  • Since we're approaching Spring, that means we will "spring ahead" and set our clocks ahead one hour. It's supposed to take place at 2 am tonight, but the easy thing to do is just setting the clock just before going to bed tonight. Then when you get up in the morning all will be right with the world.
  • I'll tell you this...I don't like DST. I don’t like shifting the clock around. Most people don´t. Majority of Germans against DST. For me, I find its tough to get up while it’s still dark and cold early morning. For family with small kids like us lagi susah, coz time change is very difficult for the children, it takes a few days to a week for them to adjust. But I am glad having extra daylight hours, everyone appreciates this, it´s easy to plan outdoor activities with family, kids are happy can stay longer playing outside after the depressing winter evenings.
  • So don't forget to adjust your clocks. Have a nice weekend :)

Thursday, 26 March 2009

Garden´s view

Garden´s view but there is no flower in the garden yet hehe...(tida tau apa tajuk mau taruh :) The guy just completed putting tiles in the guest toilet, hall way, kitchen and bathroom. They look great, very neat. I am in love with my new hobby room (the kitchen). Looks bright and spacy. My new dish washer and oven have arrived and soon will be installed once the cabinets delivered hopefully soon. Can´t wait to see.

We only had very little problem, the bathroom, obviously some tiles were not cut smoothly, some edges were damaged, macam kena gigit tikus..tida rata, I was not very happy, I specially love the tiles that I have chosen for the bathroom and really want them to be well done. Susah mau pilih tiles dulu oh..The worker promised to replace new tiles, hubby said okay only if he doesn´t make it worst. I quite pity him, that means double job for him, but what to do, business is business kan, good service, good money, we are on the same side. We want to have good bathroom. Despite the minor mistake, we still quite happy with the worker, he took time to clean up and left our house in fine shape and he did a good job with scheduling to suit our desires.

After every working hours hubby works hard putting wooden floors in the bedrooms. He is doing a great job there in spite of low skill (harap boss tia baca ni). There is a saying, perfect practice makes perfect. The floors will done after some refinishing. At least we save a few hundred Euros in putting flooring. Skilled labour is very expensive to hire. A plumber still busy installing bathtub and toilet bowl in the bathroom. (Hubby cannot do this job). Soon painting and flooring in the living room will follow, still a bit more have to be done before the removal, oh I hope we can keep our schedule. How I wish I can help doing mini task like painting kah, but susah bah nobody looking after my two crazy hypers. If they´re around there is nothing much can be done. Mengacau bah.

Here are some latest photos (still from the outside hehe) which I took when I finally managed to step on the ground where our future garden and terrace are. Dulu tia buli pijak..licak.

In front of the glass doors will be our terrace and garden one day.

Kyle is standing on the ground where we plan to build carpot and garage one day. Can see our future neighbour has started building at the same time. They´re building brick house and will be moving in soon too :)

The entrance for this house is at the side..konon-konon good for Fengshui hehe..

Thursday, 19 March 2009


  • Our move is still a couple weeks off. I begin my daunting and tedious task of sorting out stuff and my operation packing. I would go around the house to each room and start packing. Oh my, we really have so much stuff, valuable and unvaluable... Sometimes, I just don't know where to begin. I can't pack the clothes, I don't know what we'll need over the next couple weeks. I can't pack dishes, or kids toys. Packing has got to be one of the most stressful things you will ever do (*Sigh*). I've never enjoyed packing!. I went through all the junks we have in this house, and get rid of all the unwanted items...tapi macam masih juga betimbun. Today still packing, I have done 3 big boxes and cleaning, Lega!. now I just need a little break, I decide to sit down and blog..:)
  • Last Sunday the hungry bears (my boys bah) were craving for cake. They have been asking for donuts and muffins..So kesian, betul betul craving haha. So I baked them a cake last Sunday. We´re lucky I still had enough ingredients, Sunday, all shops are closed, cannot run to buy stuff..I couldn´t locate my weighing baking scale, rupanya sudah masuk dalam kotak! laaarrr...but I gave it a try main agak agak saja. Much to my surprise, the cake turned out quite good LOL. Light and fluffy. The cake was ready, hungry bears asked for whipped cream, but I had no more energy to do here is my simple lemon cake for our Sunday tea time :) sila lah....

With or Without cream, my younger bear still enjoying the cake hehe...

My break is over...time to continue my packing although I am not really in the mood...malas bah! plus the big bear cannot wait to take over this pc from me .. Have a nice day!. If I am rajin this weekend, I will make some muffins...

Monday, 2 March 2009

My Toskana

  • We visited our "New Baby" yesterday and i fall in love again LOL. When i stood in my new living room yesterday, my head was already pondering about decorating and sprucing up our home. Tia abis abis labah kan...:)
  • I took a few photos of the outside again yesterday. I wanted to make a few angles caption outside tapi tida trainers tekubur...its still very muddy in the surrounding after the long wet winter so i only managed to take these..these pictures look more clear as the days are getting longer and brighter nowadays.
  • Once the interior completed, I will give you all a house tour. I know you all have heard me say this before, but when I look at the house standing there alone tanpa tuan rumah, I am getting more excited about moving and all the adventures ahead!. I wish I could fast forward through the moving part and start make our new house feel like home. Tia sabar-sabar oh kan hehehe.. Now, i better go and do some shopping, my fridge is empty :) LOL....Thanks for checking on me...
Have a nice Monday :)