Thursday, 26 March 2009

Garden´s view

Garden´s view but there is no flower in the garden yet hehe...(tida tau apa tajuk mau taruh :) The guy just completed putting tiles in the guest toilet, hall way, kitchen and bathroom. They look great, very neat. I am in love with my new hobby room (the kitchen). Looks bright and spacy. My new dish washer and oven have arrived and soon will be installed once the cabinets delivered hopefully soon. Can´t wait to see.

We only had very little problem, the bathroom, obviously some tiles were not cut smoothly, some edges were damaged, macam kena gigit tikus..tida rata, I was not very happy, I specially love the tiles that I have chosen for the bathroom and really want them to be well done. Susah mau pilih tiles dulu oh..The worker promised to replace new tiles, hubby said okay only if he doesn´t make it worst. I quite pity him, that means double job for him, but what to do, business is business kan, good service, good money, we are on the same side. We want to have good bathroom. Despite the minor mistake, we still quite happy with the worker, he took time to clean up and left our house in fine shape and he did a good job with scheduling to suit our desires.

After every working hours hubby works hard putting wooden floors in the bedrooms. He is doing a great job there in spite of low skill (harap boss tia baca ni). There is a saying, perfect practice makes perfect. The floors will done after some refinishing. At least we save a few hundred Euros in putting flooring. Skilled labour is very expensive to hire. A plumber still busy installing bathtub and toilet bowl in the bathroom. (Hubby cannot do this job). Soon painting and flooring in the living room will follow, still a bit more have to be done before the removal, oh I hope we can keep our schedule. How I wish I can help doing mini task like painting kah, but susah bah nobody looking after my two crazy hypers. If they´re around there is nothing much can be done. Mengacau bah.

Here are some latest photos (still from the outside hehe) which I took when I finally managed to step on the ground where our future garden and terrace are. Dulu tia buli pijak..licak.

In front of the glass doors will be our terrace and garden one day.

Kyle is standing on the ground where we plan to build carpot and garage one day. Can see our future neighbour has started building at the same time. They´re building brick house and will be moving in soon too :)

The entrance for this house is at the side..konon-konon good for Fengshui hehe..


  1. Wahhh mo hampir sudah tu Luthie..can't wait to see the inside of the house

    Nanti update kio ;)

  2. The inside is just very simple but still don´t want to miss sharing once completed, just stay tuned kio Phil kekeke...

  3. It's almost done Luthie... indah lama, you'll be moving to your mansion. I'm excited for you guys. So how's the packing going... sudah siap kah :-)

  4. Syok to read how u guys build a house there. Tiada la pekerja pilipin kan. Semua org putih ka umandak? very high standard of construction kan sana o kan.

  5. Dora, almost done but haiyah haha...garu kepala lah mandak, actually still a lot have to be done...helpppp Dora:) Now the schedule of moving is approaching makin mau byk rupanya mau dibuat...ampunnn aku (bilang si Whimsical hehe). Packing..mcm tida pandai habis Dora..:(

  6. Whimsical, I am *Smiling here*. Yabah tiada pilipin di sini, klu boleh order pilipin datang kan bagus, low hiring cost hehe. But we do have great rate of private workers doing black job macam dari Poland, Romania or Czekian yg datang cari kerja di sini. A bit cheaper to pay, performance ok juga tapi no warranty. Klu ada apa2 kerosakan kami tanggung sendiri lah nanti:(

  7. wah dang... mau siap sudah oh.. bila gia kamu mau pindah ni? Still the same area kah tu?

  8. Hi Jenn,

    We are almost there Jenn. We will move in 3 weeks time. Yuhuu....tida lama lagi. We are moving to a different town, only 60 km away...its called Regensburg. Nama kampung kami ialah Bad Abbach.


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