Thursday, 19 March 2009


  • Our move is still a couple weeks off. I begin my daunting and tedious task of sorting out stuff and my operation packing. I would go around the house to each room and start packing. Oh my, we really have so much stuff, valuable and unvaluable... Sometimes, I just don't know where to begin. I can't pack the clothes, I don't know what we'll need over the next couple weeks. I can't pack dishes, or kids toys. Packing has got to be one of the most stressful things you will ever do (*Sigh*). I've never enjoyed packing!. I went through all the junks we have in this house, and get rid of all the unwanted items...tapi macam masih juga betimbun. Today still packing, I have done 3 big boxes and cleaning, Lega!. now I just need a little break, I decide to sit down and blog..:)
  • Last Sunday the hungry bears (my boys bah) were craving for cake. They have been asking for donuts and muffins..So kesian, betul betul craving haha. So I baked them a cake last Sunday. We´re lucky I still had enough ingredients, Sunday, all shops are closed, cannot run to buy stuff..I couldn´t locate my weighing baking scale, rupanya sudah masuk dalam kotak! laaarrr...but I gave it a try main agak agak saja. Much to my surprise, the cake turned out quite good LOL. Light and fluffy. The cake was ready, hungry bears asked for whipped cream, but I had no more energy to do here is my simple lemon cake for our Sunday tea time :) sila lah....

With or Without cream, my younger bear still enjoying the cake hehe...

My break is over...time to continue my packing although I am not really in the mood...malas bah! plus the big bear cannot wait to take over this pc from me .. Have a nice day!. If I am rajin this weekend, I will make some muffins...


  1. Thanks Rose..its so stressful! Ghosh!!!...LOL...Hows your pregnancy? Have a wonderful weekend.

  2. Packing is not fun at all Luth. But you'll be fine... just take things easy. Odoi, your cake looks so delicious, sedap makan with hot tea... nah, taapun. Bah, pelan-pelan kau packing ah... if you live close by, I don't mind to supervise you... hahahaha... just kidding kamaa.

  3. been there, done that half a dozen time! have fun :-)))

  4. Hi Dora, I am smiling here reading you, I thought you offered to help me packing, skali tinguk mau supervise saja...well I dont mind tu Dora..mangkali x lah saya ter-packing tu kan..siok becerita :) Yep, like you said, I´ll be fine, kalau tida habis packing pun, angkut saja tu lamari with the stuff inside keke..

  5. Hi Nina, apa kabar? Long time no news from you. Hows study, hows life over there? It´s almost April ni Nina, not long now until our meeting in your hometown..

    I forgot that you´ve been moving here and there pula kan I feel how stressful it is. Ampun aku!.

  6. Hi Luth..

    i really like your blog..syiok sia baca :) keep it up ya..dont be like me..malas mau update my blog :)

  7. Hi Black Magic Woman,

    Saya ingat siapa tadi, you´re using such an unique name bah Mona hehehe...How are you doinggg? Lama kita tida keep in touch since SabahAb kena tutup kan. Thanks for dropping by at my humble hut..datang2 lah lagi hehe..I was at your blog, its nice to see places you have been. Lucky you!.

    Bah see you around ok.

  8. waduh..kalu pasal packing ni..memanglah part yg sya paling malas.. bah logot2 lah kio..hehehe

  9. Hi Shirley, ya saya logot logot laini...but I am glad byk sudah kotak saya packed. Slowly slowly I can see my present house getting spacy now LOL. Most of the cabinets are empty...ready mau kana dismantle sudah.


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