Monday, 30 March 2009

My Broken Fridge

  • Ah-ah!! Damn fridge!
  • Yeah! Well, our fridge was broken. It decided to stop working just after I filled it up, just after I did big foodstuff shopping..yeah great!.I felt like kicking it and bin it because some food has gone to garbage. What a waste!. Ini yang bikin malas ni disaat2 kita memerlukan..dia hangkang pula. Not sure of the problem, hubby didn´t care to find out, carry and have it repaired!. Its not worth having it repaired, beli baru lebih murah dari harga repair:( We lived a few days without fridge, rasa macam hidup di zaman batu saja. Hubby opted for trying life without a fridge until we move but I disagree with him, I cannot imagine living without fridge event for a while.
  • The old fridge of ours didn´t live as long as people...I know, but I think it died at young age...Its only 3 yrs old. The warranties already went down hill..:(
  • But haiyah, I just need a working fridge in the house now. I don´t want to walk everyday to the supermarket and butcher to buy fresh food although they´re only within walking distance. I need the juice to stay cold, the food and veges stay fresh, the butter stay solid for my family. Kalau saya ok saja ni, cincai one, bukan tida biasa but my family needs fresh milk everyday and they need fresh ham and cheese for sandwiches to tapau for work or school. I hate thinking to risk throwing out food that goes bad before we get a chance to eat it. Betul kan.
  • So mau tida mau, I had to consider for a new one. I checked around and got one of the cheapest small fridge. Cost me 130 Euro for that new little cooling monster. Thanks a lot!. Masa beli tu mau cuba lagi tawar tawar tapi malangnya tida dapat, that´s the lowest price sudah. Cilaks!. I am just happy with the new stuff!.


  1. Pendek juga umur kau punya fridge tu Luth. Yabah, nowadays siapa tahan without fridge kan. Nah, luckily you have got a new one... kesian kau Luth, tawar menawar pun tidak pakai...hahaha. Kalau sana KK, misti mau tawar menawar oh, kalau indah the tawkey will rip you off kan.

  2. Alala luth ..sayang all the foods u bought the other day kan ...and yeah susah ohh kalu teda fridge di rumah kan especially want to keep all the fresh vege and fish and cheese and oh no bnyk pula mau kasi masuk dlm fridge ni tau hihihi ..

  3. Hi Cay,

    Yabah I threw some foodstuff that gone bad the other day, sakit hati, I hate throwing food, ngam2 fridge rosak during weekend, all shops were closed, nah great kan? Geram eh. Eh klu ditingu byk barang mau masuk di fridge..eggs and some important medicines for kids lagi..that´s why I am happy to get a new one, biar kici asal ada kan.

  4. Wah, it's a new template! :)

    Itu fridge suda kana panggil by the fridge god baitu... hehe. I thot sana sejuk tu makanan last longer?? Tapi skrang bukan winter lagi ba kan...

    Fridge skrang (di malaysia la) not very gud quality suda ba. Semua plastik, ringan unlike yang dulu2 punya.

  5. Hi Dora,

    Yabah pindik umur tu Fridge, its in the garage now, I ask hubby not to throw it yet, try lagi satu kali mana tau idup balik kekeke...konpiden!. I was advised to put it upside down for 24 hrs and later kasih tabalik lagi for 24 hrs and turn it on, tengok kalau hidup:)

    Dora, that´s one thing I learned when i come to Germany. Klu pigi shopping, no tawar-tawar. Take it or leave it. Tapi sudah tebiasakan back home dulu selalu main tawar-tawar hehe..hubby said, they don´t do that here. Cis!

  6. Hi Nessa,

    Nunu abal? How´s life? Thanks for dropping by kio.

    Winter is over kalau tida boleh juga taruh tu makan diluar to chill out. Tapi tida convenient bah keluar masuk every time its Spring, the sun can be strong sometimes, the food will be spoiled quickly.


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