Thursday, 2 April 2009

Kerana Boring!

  • I was quite productive last weekend, I have been baking and frying:) I am not a good baker by any means, but I am glad if I can follow instructions in German pretty good. Actually it´s nice to try so many German´s cake recipies but I never have the chance to go round with it because usually hubby is the cake baker in the family, always and love doing it for us, but this time, he has no time for baking at all, so I am taking over his baking job, sambil2 mau try skill hehe.. :-
  • Saturday evening was quite boring last week. I like watching Deutschland Such Dem Superstar (Germany´s Idol bah) every Saturday at 8 pm. I never miss watching this programme but ngam2 our tv mogok pula. Yah, dulu fridge this time tv pula...Sebal gue!. Something wrong with the cable for the receiver. I didn´t know how to fix it, didn´t want to fiddle around with so many cables behind the tv set, nanti tambah rosak pula...hubby was not at home, kids end up watching video so I made myself busy in the kitchen baking this.... I made Cheese cake with Peach fruit in it...Jadi juga and the taste was not so bad hehe...

I was feeling motivated after the success of my Cheese cake so I decided to make Donuts the next day, the boys were overjoy, they are donuts lovers and have been asking for Donuts for weeks. They enjoy it if they can be involved in rolling dough and playing flour. Sabar saja mama durang ni cleaning the mess afterwards. I tell you.

For the Donuts, it was quite a fast process, no recipe needed, pakai instant packet saja. Just add egg and warm milk, pour in the bowl and step, roll the dough into Donut shape and fry them in a lot of oil, this is the part yang saya malas ---- menggoreng :( I hate cleaning the oil later...

Those sweet stuff last us for a few days. They´re great for breakfast, tea time or snack during the day. It was exactly enough to satisfy our craving for a while.


  1. Alala ..sedap tuu cheese cake bah ..can give the recipe kah luth ...mau cuba2 kunun sia niii tau ..tapi mmg cake sia mmg tia jadi tuu yg kin panas tuu tau hi hi anyway nice stuff u baked for the family ...sedap ohh

  2. Hi Cay, I can pass you the Cheese Cake recipe but its in German, I hv to translate into English first. My German ni pun not so good one kekeke. But if you want to try baking Cheese cake you can google on the net..I saw there are many nice Cheese cake recipies. You´ve got to try them on one weekend. I am sure your family will like it hehe...Apa kabar kamu sana KL? Thanks for dropping by kio.

  3. A very fruitful day!! :) All looks yummy.

    Btw, I have award for you.....check it out Luthie

  4. Hi Luth,

    Phewww... Baru saya dapat masuk sini... afterrrr... how 1001 years.. Siok tingu kau bikin kek ni Luth... Rajin betul.. Nice reading you dang.. ;)

  5. Hi Jenn,

    Lama kau tida singgah di sini. But I know you´re busy. Saya pun belum lagi visit your blog, ada update kah? I will drop by there later.

    Thanks for dropping by ok. Yes, we are craving for cakes Jenn and since I have time I did some bakings hehe..

  6. Hi Rose,

    Indeed quite fruitful hehe. Thanks for the award. Sure will pick it up later.



  7. omigod.. silap timing lah sya masuk ur blog..time lapar ni.. oh man... to see u baking.. mcm sya tia sabar lah mo beli oven n try baking my own.. hehehe

  8. Hi Shirley,

    Already came back from your holiday? Bah don´t forget to blog about it, nanti saya pergi tengok at your blog ok. Bah beli lah satu oven can start baking hehehe...

    I have not been here for a while and suddenly so many activities going on lah. Your cheese cake looks yummy Luth. Is it German cheese cake ka? I think I will google the recipe lah, very tempting oh.

    ..and so rajin oh you, siap buat topping lagi tu donut.

  10. Aines,

    Don´t know how far I can go, selagi saya ada mood saya buat, tapi klu datang mood malas tu Aines main beli ja, senang lagi kan. The cheese cake is German Cheese cake laitu konon. I wish I can share the recipies, but its in German. Bah after you make Cheese cake nanti share in your blog and shout, sure I will come LOL. The donuts topping tu easy only, the ingredients come along in the packet...hehe..

  11. Hi luth ...alala in german plak ko punya recepi nii ..yah bah i goggle juga and so many bah ..susah sia mau pilih mana satu hahaha ..yes mmg mau cuba ohh buat ..cus my hubby and kids like cakes so much bah ..kami kabar baik di kl niii ..ujung bulan mau balik kampung cus my brother will get married in 2 & 3 mei ..ramai lah saudara2 buli jumpa nii tau ..

  12. Hi Cay, nice to hear ada saudara mau kawin ni. What is your brother´s name? Bah mesti punya makan besar tu kan. Don´t forget to share some photos okay. Masuk dlm blog tu jan lupa hehe...

    I hope to see your cheese cake in your blog soon :)


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