Sunday, 12 April 2009

Its too loud.

  • My next door neighbour is partying full swing right now. The music is sooooooo loud, I feel my wall is vibrating, they´re talking and laughing making my whole house trembling. Their dog barking like crazy. My time showing 1 a.m. At this time they should ensure that their music turned down to enable neighbours to enjoy their evening in peace, especially when it comes to them getting a good night sleep. It has been a long and tiring day for my family, my boys really need good sleep, I will hate it if they´re be disturbed, crying and awaked because I need a rest and quiet time too. Its annoying, the extreme noise make it unbearable for me to be in my own home.
  • I remember when we celebrated new year, we wanted to have karoeke session and small gathering at home, hubby went and visit our closest neighbours, those who live next door, to tell them we were going to have party, it could be loud. Just to show some respects to neighbours. Tapi jiran yg satu ni..buat macam tida tau saja that we might be affected by their noise.
  • This is not the first time, they throw parties many times. They keep us awake all night without notifying us that they would have a party..but we have been very patient towards them, we refraint ourselves from knocking their door or calling the police...Anyone with half a brain would have managed to reach that conclusion on their own. Paham2 lah kan, kitaorang punya rumah ni malakat to each other...ndak payah labah dikasih tau what to do kan..bukan budak2 lagi...kalau dia takana jiran yang sangat strict, habis pintu durang kana ketuk or they get a visit from either local environmental health department or maybe the police.
  • I know it´s Easter, its holiday, we are having long weekend, we´re all very relieved about it but they don´t have to push for 1 a.m to turn down the music, tutup itu jendela dan pintu labah..we don´t need want to hear them getting ruined our evening.


  1. annoying koni, Luth. We used to have a neighbor who is a bar owner. Weekend saja, misti bising. Moreover, that time our master bedroom was next to their driveway. Skijap2 you hear people drive in and out; not to mention they talk loud, too. Mimang ndak buli tidur. Nasib baik they move out and sold the house to a more mellow neighbor, phewww... :). Hope you had a great Easter Sunday. You take care!

  2. alahai luth!! kesian sama ko especially yr boys....take care ya....

  3. Hi Joyce, thanks for dropping by. How was your Easter dear? Ours was busy and tiring. We spent our Easter by doing some job in the new house. So this year no proper Easter for us, I don´t mind at all. Next yearlah :) Yabah I am fed up with this kind of neighbour, bukan pandai minta maaf lagi tu the next day, acting like nothing happen, geram saya. A few times when they have party I wanted come over to knock at their door tapi laki saya ni penyabar betul. Sabar saja dia abis sudah sabar sia. I am glad if we are out from this area..nasip baik mau pindah sudah fuiiii...I am glad the bar owner sudah pindah Joyce, klu tida headache oh especially when you have Juju..its disturbing.

  4. Hi Peah, apa kabar? Sudah dpt boss baru???

    Yah memang kesian lah Peah, its not easy to have neighbours who don´t have consideration towards family with small kids. I am glad we will be moving soon.

  5. Umandak, cuba u balas dorang, u kasi pasang CD lagu Dusun (lagu-lagu yg ngam minum tapai punya) and kasi full blast and aim loudspeakers pi rumah dorang.Baru dorag nejara!

  6. Umandak hahaha..sakit perut sia katawa baca kau. Ngam juga kau punya suggestion tu. Kemarin sudah sia balas sikit, it was public holiday here, supposed to be quiet tapi aku suruh saja anak2 aku main teriak2 depan rumah durang LOL, durang masih tidur nyenyak kogutan kan, mana sia peduli haha..saya ada CD dusun moti, nanti sia pasang kuat2, buka pintu dan jandila busar2..biar nejara haha..

  7. Luth, it's so inconsiderate of your neighbour. I believe that they know there are kids next door but they just didn't care kan. Luckily it was a holiday the next day kan. Hmmm... they're lucky cos I'm not their neighbour, otherwise the cops would have been knocking on their doors in no time...hehe.

    Anyways, glad you guys had a wonderful Easter.


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