Friday, 10 April 2009

Frohe Ostern/Happy Easter!

  • To all my Christian friends/bloggers.
  • Have wonderful, peaceful and blessed Easter!
  • Happy Easter! Buona Pasqua! Frohe Ostern!
  • Here celebrating Easter mesti ada chocolate eggs. For children especially the symbol and great joy of Easter is the Easter egg and Easter handycrafting. Masa ni payah butul mau tahan iman sebab Chocolates berlambak-lambak di Supermarkets. Menggoda betul :)

These are for Easter egg hunt on Easter Sunday.

Kids got them from our neighbours Gisela and Charlie.

Kids handycraft in kindergarden (isinya chocolates and painted boiled eggs, sudah masuk dlm perut hehe)

  • May Your Easter be filled with joy and inspiration for the Lord Jesus.


  1. Those mugs are lovely!!! :) Happy Easter Sunday to you Luthie!

  2. 'The Lord is Risen'

    Happy Easter Luthie & all at home!

  3. Hi Rose,

    Happy Easter to you too!. We have a long weekend here. Those mugs have been used already by the boys hehe..

  4. Hi Whimsi,

    Thanks for your kind wish.

  5. Hi Phil,

    Happy Easter too!. Hope you have a wonderful Easter celebration.

    God bless!.

  6. Its quite difficult to get those choc easter bunny/eggs for the kids here... ada pun yg lauya... :) I believed ur kids (my cicit ka dat?) had a blast!

  7. Celine @ nenek hahaha...sakit perut saya katawa ni Celine your pangkat jadi nenek pulak :)

    I wish I can send some to your kids Celine...bykkkkkkkkk di sini, kids are really pampered. Your cicits really had a blast during egg hunting yesterday..Now after Easter I can buka kedai chocolate already hehehe...

    I hope you had a good Easter. Here still holiday..Easter Monday.

  8. Lauya! I love this word, lama sia tida dingar haha...


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