Sunday, 5 April 2009

Gotong Royong

  • Here in Germany, it is a stunning, warm spring for almost 2 weeks now. (about 18 - 20°C). The sun shining, birds chirping, flowers blooming. It feels so wonderful.
  • We were devoting our last weekend doing gotong royong at our new house, making use of the glorious weather. At first hubby said he can managed by himself, but I insisted on giving him my helping hands. Mengalah juga boss. We have actually done a lot in two days. We managed to paint several rooms of the house and doing some scrubbing, because some parts of the wall are uneven. Paint, scrub and repainted...banyak kerja. Laki saya ni rajin buat kerja but not tidy, the tools and stuff are everywhere, the place is pretty messy so I was busy doing the dustcleaning, vacumm and mopped the floor. The dust really made me sneezing thousand times, 10 kali vacuum pun still dusty. I would like to have the cleaning and stuff finished in 3 weeks time so we can start move some of our stuff in.
  • Our boys made themselves busy playing in sanpit outside the house for several hours. In between they played with our neighbours 4 yo twins. They started making new friends. Yess!. They´re so happy. I just had to cubuk from inside once in a while making sure they´re not out of my sight. Leher pun macam leher jiraffe balik2 tengok luar jendela haha...
  • I was happy I managed to help a bit, walaupun setakat kerja mengecat pisuk pisuk, door and window frames and cleaning but still by end of the day I was exchausted juga haha...just not used to this kind of manual labor. I think boss pun happy with my help. Nanti tolong lagi kaa...:) I’m just happy with the way our job turned out, I love looking at our white walls, the interior look so bright now, before, they´re grey and boring...We will continue our job during Easter break soon. Just hope the nice weather will stay as it is now.
  • Till next update...see ya.


  1. must be very excited now kan Luth. ..bah dont forget to share us some pic lah nanti kio.

  2. Good for you Luth... asal ada tolong sikit-sikit pun puas hati juga bah kan. Bah, thanks for the update kio... have a blessed Holy Week and enjoy your beautiful Spring :)

  3. Hi Aines, excited pun ada, stress pun ada. Mixed feeling. But I am glad if the moving will be over soon. Yang lain tu belakang kira haha..Sure will post some photos soon. Stay tuned kio :) thanks for dropping by.

  4. Hi Dora,

    Yabah, I am glad if I can help even very little Dora. Kalau setakat cleaning tu boleh lah haha..tapi klu kana suruh paitung surrender lah I keke.

    Have a blessed holy week to you and David too. Thanks for dropping by kio.

  5. Gotong royong is good, a part of family activities!! you get the job done and same time you and family are getting together doing the same things.

  6. happy menikmati glorious spring ah mama tatana. jgn lupa taruh gambar-gambar lawa pemandangan sana ya umandak

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  8. Rose,

    I agree with you. 100%. We accomplished a lot by doing together and I can see that hubby was also motivated when me and the kids are around kekeke. The job was tiring but enjoyable. Have a nice day. Thanks for dropping by ok.

  9. Whimsi,

    Indeed, we´re enjoying our warm spring, don´t know when it lasts, harap2 tiada hujan or angin sejuk lagi. Everyone is so happy after our long and extreme cold winter. Puas sudah kami bekurung dlm rumah, boring bah. So its time to enjoy outdoor life. I´ll try to take some photos outside for your viewing pleasure..stay tuned.

  10. Wah...siok tu kasi cat2..esp. to ur own home...penat tapi enjoy kan..

    Wishing u great weekend & Happy Easter!

  11. Hi Phil, You´re on the spot!. Indeed I enjoyed it although its tiring especially when doing it in your own home kan.

    Have a holy thursday and blessed easter.


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