Monday, 3 November 2008


Halloween is not really a traditional German celebration. But now its common to see pumpkin (Kürbis) and jack-o'lantern decorations in Germany in late October. It has become a popular celebration for children and adults in German Europe. Although Halloween is not a holiday in Germany it didn´t stop me from dressing up my boys and participating in trick-or-treating. We went through our neighborhood and both of our boys enjoyed having their bags filled with candies. Very sad to see only a few lighted up houses in the street for Trick or Treaters this year. Even sadder to see not many kids out trick or treating. We prepared one basket full of candies and we only had 4 kids came up to take our offers. We still have so much left over and my boys are climbing the wall to eat them all ...


  1. Wah, seronok tengok Kenneth & Kyle in their Halloween costumes. Kasian kan budak-budak excited but tidak ramai participate. Hope you have better luck at your new neighborhood. :-)

  2. Hi Hilda are you? I miss reading your update? When is the next updateeeee??? Are you in the process of doing your driving licence? Share a bit!...good luck friend.
    Its quite sad but yeah hope the new place will be merrier LOL. The good thing is every house in the neighbourhood has young kids like us!. Adalah kawan anak2 sia main nanti kehaaa!.


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