Tuesday, 27 November 2007

Chicken-pox go away

We didn´t realized that Kyle was having chicken-pox after a few days. I bathed him and suddenly more dots coming out from his body, I didn´t that when one has chicken-pox, bathing is taboo coz that makes more dots coming out. We even brought him to an indoor playground, its a huge place with so many small children playing inside, I just hope that nobody else was infected. I feel so guilty now but that was without purpose and its too late now. Its more than one week now, I guess they´re drying up slowly, but still we dare not to bring him in public, all doctor appointments have been postponed, no shopping mall and no supermarket for us for at least 2 weeks until Kyle is really clean from chicken-pox. Poor boy, today he had diarhea and vommiting, I guess it was the effect from having chicken-pox. I hope he will not get ill. On the other hand, Kenneth is having a bad cough and running nose, no wonder when the weather get colder now. Today when sending him to the kindergarden I can hear like every child was coughing and some moms too..my oh my...Now I am giving Kenneth coughing syrap 3 x a day plus inhalation with salt water. I am giving him more fruits and drink lots of water...hopefully this winter my boys are healthy..last year was terrible..the whole family were sick Today I attended handycraft evening in the kindergarden with all the moms. We made santa claus from a capucino bottles for our kids. I did mine nicely for Kenneth, I hope Kenneth will like what mama did for him hehehe...

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