Saturday, 17 November 2007

A new kid on the BLOG!

It seems that nowadays many people having their own blogs..I am so curious about it. I know it´s been quite a phenomenon among all the writers/bloggers...but to be honest..I never understand or get the concept all this while..until a few days ago a friend of mind told me "hey..why not you try and register, apply it" she told me I can even make money while blogging, she urged me to try yesterday I checked the blogger website and registered and now here I am with my new brand blog with my first short introduction hehehe...oh my...I am sooo way outdated...but never too late I guess..but then again...something drew me says...all entry must be only in English..and I went "ALAMAK" ..simply because I know my English is way too bad and really already lama "Bertagar". What should I say? I have been living in Germany for 8 years now, still trying and struggling to master the language and I can feel my English is slowly getting worse, no english readings, no english programmes to watch except BBC and CNN..wuahh!! but now I guess I have to write more in English..start reading english stuff and improve my grammar, vocab and ect. Should be a good thing must nice sharing my thoughts, stories, ideas, experience for my folks and friends back home (Malaysia and around the globe) and the important thing is FUN!!. That´s all for now...I will be back with more stay tune ok. Thanks for coming to my humble nest!


  1. 8 years? you must be good in the language then

  2. Hello Ann,
    Have been here for 8 years but to be honest I am still struggling with the language hahaha..bikin malu saja...LOL.

    Thanks for dropping by.


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