Saturday, 28 February 2009

It Was So Cold Outside!

I experienced the hardest/coldest winter in this land a month ago. Thats the toughest winter in my life since I step my feet in this land 9 years ago. We were socked with subzero temperatures and have turned into a teeth-chattering misery for more than 3 weeks. That was one of Germany´s coldest winters in 100 years. Cuba bayangkan. Temperatures fell as low as minus 25 degrees Celsius. The country is covered in a spectacular sheet of snow and ice. Everyday we were bundled up with four layers of clothes whenever we go out. During the brutal weather I really miss the constant Malaysia´s hot weather. I am suck in adjusting to cold weather. I am kinda fed up with this long and cold winter.. When it was extremely cold, everywhere freezing, this is how we spent our weekend on the frozen lakes....main slide. I am hoping the weather will get milder soon. I think everyone is looking forward to Spring and forget about subzero temperatures and record snowfall experienced over the past weeks. I miss getting back to the terrace and enjoying some warm weather and those grew views back to colours... I am just happy this weekend we´re going to have Spring weather..temperature will be up to 13 degrees with lots of sunshine..I hope it will stay like that..:)


  1. It is so hot here Luthie, feels like sauna!

  2. Hi Rose,
    When its brutal cold here I don´t mind the Sauna Rose. Most ppl go to sauna during the winter..I wish I can do that often..but expensive!. Thanks for dropping by. Hows your pregnancy???


Thanks for your comment, I´ll be back to you.