Saturday, 14 February 2009

Recession Romance

My Valentines is just another Saturday. I stayed home and went shopping with my boys. Hubby had to sacrifice our Valentines Day to do some urgent jobs in the new house. It has to be done because we are trying the best we can to complete the house and keep our removal schedule (will blog about this later). We agreed not to do anything for gift or dining out this year. But Valentines day does matter to us, first thing in the morning already exchanged wishes, hugs and kisses ::)) cukuplah kan kekeke...

While hubby is working hard on our future ness, our future shelter...I made a little cheap treat at home. As a token of love (konon lah keke), I fixed hubby´s favourite dinner. For me, Valentine´s day is a great opportunity to have some family fun!. My boys crafted Valentine´s card for their dad, but I had my name on it too...One of the cutest things they have done. I was touched!. We made muffins, they helped me to decorate with candy hearts.
I think this is the best way spending Valentines instead of splurging money on chocolates, flowers or jewellery especially now when we are facing recession.
Our gift to each other was a quiet evening together in our home (tinguk tv sambil minum wine hehe).

I hope you had a fun Valentine´s day :)


  1. Valentine's Day can be spent in so many ways bah kan Luth. It doesn't have to be in an expensive restaurant or candlelight dinner or whatsoever. What matters most is the "company", quality time and having fun not forgetting the food. We had our valentine's dinner at my favourite Chinese restaurant... hehe. Abis sia craving for the food bah. Furthermore, Brian was with us and I couldn't take wine either... taapun. David got me a smokey quartz yellow gold earring and a dozen of fresh red roses whereas Brian got me a box of chocolate... although I didn't expect these from them but I am really touched.

    Anyways, that's so sweet of your boys to make a Valentine's card for their dad... now that is priceless!! Thanks for sharing your valentine's day...

  2. nice card... n the muffin looks delicious...lapar sudah sya ni

  3. Hi Dora, glad to hear you had a wonderful valentines with David and Brian.

  4. Hi Shirley, hope you had a good valentines too :) those were only simple muffins...I am so good in baking asal asal saja...:)


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