Monday, 23 February 2009

MeMe by Joan

MeMe - Tagged by Joan Joan tagged me with this MeMe tag, so here I am going to do this tag as requested :) Sorry Joan took me ages to do it...but better than never kan hehehe... Two names you go by 1. Luth 2. Rosina (inilah nama sia yg sebenarnya keke) Two things you are wearing right now 1. Long Pajama 2. Socks (mau pigi tidur sudah baini :) Two things you want very badly at the moment 1. A lap top! 2. $$$$$ Two things you did last night just before bed 1. Surfing the net 2. Watching tv Two things you ate today 1. Pancakes 2. My homemade Singapore Chicken Rice Two people you just spoke with 1. My mom 2. My brother (other than my hubby and my boys) Two things you are doing tomorrow 1. Will be returning Cds, Vcds and some books at the library. 2. Will be doing groceries shopping (our fridge is empty already). Two longest car rides 1. Drove to Holland (10 Hrs..because we were lost, that time we had no nagivation). 2. Drove to Switzerland, Italy for holidays (maximum only 6 hours). Two favourite beverages 1. Green Tea (good for health mah) 2. Kopi Tenom. Hmmm I don´t know who to tag this....:)


  1. Rosina rupanya nama dia ni hehehe...hampir2 mcm nama mama saya ;)

  2. Yakah? official name tu :) my Ausie boss dulu selalu panggil saya ROZENA ..kekeke..miaga do malazu koni.


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