Saturday, 7 February 2009

Tag : Why do I love my husband?

Thanks Dora for this Tag. It´s not easy for me to promote something I feel embarrassed about but it's nice to take stock every once in a while and remember what a blessing he is in my life, to reflect on him, and why I choose to love him. Why do I love my husband? 1) He includes me when it comes to opinions and decisions. I feel important:) 2) He fixes breakfast, cooking meals, baking cakes (sometimes) for family on the weekend (Sat & Sunday). 3) We put our boys in bed, do nightly stories, and most important, prayer time every single night together. 4) He is humble, patient, calm, understanding, faithful and very down to earth..what more I can ask for? 5) He is a wonderful and loving dad to our sons. He devotes so much time and effort to our boys. I admire his full commitment. I see happiness in his eyes when they give him hugs and kisses, when they call for him. Especially when they run to him and throw their arms around his neck when he comes home from work. 6) He shares housework with me...doing dirty work, cleaning, doing the laundry, etc. 7) He never forget my birthday and our anniversaries. 8) He accepts my weaknesses, encourage me and lead me the way to improvement. 9) When fighting he always the first one to say sorry...He still loves and forgive me inspite of my fault. 10) He listen when I talk, value what I talk and always offers me advice. He is my best friend. 11) He is always concern about my happiness. 12) He never expect my perfection. He loves and accept me for what I am. 13) He has sacrificed a lot for our boys and me. Bless his heart. 14) He is always there for me and my boys no matter what. 15) He compliment my cooking, my creativity and how I raise our boys. 16) He supports me in anything and everything I do. 17) He sticks for me and the boys, stands up to us, and defends us. 18) He is working hard for the family. Making sure we have what we need, food, clothes, $$$, good shelter etc. I am blessed having him as my hubby and dad to our boys. I deeply admire and respect him. I look forward to the future. He is a Godsent. Thanks for listening… I am not going to tag anyone..if you´re reading this, like to do it, go ahead:)


  1. Aaaawww Luth, you and the boys are indeed blessed with such a wonderful hubby/dad. You are right, we are not perfect and neither are they. So the most important thing is they can accept and love us just the way we are and we accept and love them as they are. I'm happy to read you... take care my friend. Hugssss...xoxo.

  2. Hi Dora,

    First, thanks for the tag. I like it.

  3. H Ida...

    If you like the tag, have time to do it, you can do it and I´ll have a peek at your blog later okay.

  4. Hi Luth

    I am very happy for you. You have a wonderful husband and a very considerate one too. Keep the fire burning ...


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