Sunday, 18 January 2009

Celebrating 2009

We celebrated our 2009 at home last year with small group of friends antara dua benua, Malaysian and Indonesian. Just a small group of us. To make it easier, we did Potluck style. Masing masing bawa dish. Its better that way kan. 2008 will is the last year for my family in this house/town so we decided to invite some friends to come over and celebrate together..I am glad everyone had a good time that night. We enjoyed the food and good companies. We did a little bit of karoeke while waiting 12 midnight. It was fun. We all were not good singers, nothing so special but it was a good way to kill our time sambil practising our singing skill keke. Masa bujang bujang dulu very active berkaroeke but since got married and become mom malu malu pula pegang mic keke. But after first song, got over the fear and shyness, after that can get addicted pula..We, the wives enjoyed ourselves so much, our kids enjoyed themselves playing with each other, hubbies preffered to sit and watch while chatting. I think none of them can sing, maklumlah di sini Karoeke is not very popular yet. But hubby managed to push himself to join the ladies. Ndak tahan dia klu tida ikut melalak keke..but his voice really came along way, itupun after practising beforehand, kalau tida mangkali he would hurt our ears keke... Tepat jam 12 midnight, we joined our neighbours shooting fireworks outside. It was wonderful, we had best view ever. I noticed this time, more people went out shooting fire works in the street despite the bitter cold tempature. It was about -10 degrees outside during new year eve, bagagar bah kesejukan brrr....
What a night and with great people!.
I hope y`all had a fun celebration too!. Posted by Picasa


  1. Celebrated with in laws. They just came over, chit chat, then go back. LOL nothing special at all.

  2. Wah... siok juga oh Luth, ada Indon friends... ramai lah tu :)

  3. Hi Syari,

    Normally we do it quietly too, staying at home but last year was different, our last year here in this town so made a small party. Thanks for dropping by. Have a good day.

  4. Hi Dora,

    Yabah ada kawan Indon haha..3 orang sajabah durang in this town, saya yang kesian satu orang saja but in different town ramai Malaysian. Can´t wait to move to different town, sana ramai Malaysian. Thanks for looking kio. Have a nice day.

  5. Hi Ida,
    Ya karoeke semua pun dengan suara sumbang hehe..thanks for dropping by.


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