Friday, 9 January 2009

Our 2008 Christmas

I hope everyone had good holidays. I hope its not too late to blog about our 2008 Christmas. Masih valid bah kan? I must admit, I am a bit late, still moving slow at snail pace in the new year. I have been spending quality times with the boys during their 2 weeks break since Christmas, kerja kami makan, tidur, main, makan, tidur, main...They are back to school/kindy since yesterday, and this time I had to wake up, I had to start my full spead ahead with my new beginning and planning for my new resolutions. Santa came to our house during Christmas and we had a cozy, quiet and relaxing Christmas just the four of us. The week between Christmas and New year was my favourite time. This time I didn´t complain for having quiet Christmas...I was actually started to appreciate the quietness and relaxation after the hustle bustle preparing for Christmas.
We had tea and cake (cheese fruit cake) before attending evening service at our church. Its the tradition in our area (Bavaria) to prepare fish for dinner during Christmas Eve, so this was our menu . Fish backed with pastry dough, potatoes and veges with sauce. Very simple one.
Usually we open our gift on Christmas after dinner, its time to sit under the tree and unwrapping all the gifts..Before the boys attacked the gifts we managed to persuade them to sit down for family photos..
Our best Christmas gifts from our boys (their secret project with their kindy teachers before Christmas). How sweet, I was so touched!.
Are you not satisfied Kyle? He was actually start to feel sleepy. Second Christmas, no cooking, ndak larat sudah. We ate left overs from Chrismas Eve. But the Third Christmas, hubby prepared Roasted Duck. Normally the Germans cook Goose but we had Goose last year. Its way too much for us. Ini dua budak don´t eat much anyway. I am not a fan of duck but got to eat it since its a traditional food and not to let down the chef! But the taste was actually fantastic..tida sedar I ate a big portion actually kekeke...

Duck with Kn√∂del (Dumpling) and Blau Kraut (Red Cabbage). Fourth Christmas, we welcome an acquaintance (from Qatar, making holiday in Germany) and family to our house. This time we had all asian food on the table...The next day we were on the road visiting hubby´s relatives and we decided eating at a Chinese Restaurant. It was nice to enjoy asian food after eating too much German food before. No pictures taken, as I was busy enjoying my food kekeke... last I managed sit down and blog about our recent Christmas while the boys are in bed...more will come!. Enjoy reading.


  1. Alamak Luthie....those food looks soooo yummy. Beautiful tree too. :-)

  2. Wow...all the foods look 'asadap'...lapar terus saya tengok hehehe

    I enjoy so much browsing through ur xmas pictures...thank u for sharing kio Luth..

  3. The food looks great Luthie. Even in Hungary its a tradition to prepare fish for christmas. Usually they make "fisherman soup". :)

  4. Hmmmm... yummy food makes a perfect christmas...hehe. And your kids seemed to be so happy and contented with those prezzies infront of their eyes... LOL. Luth, who's that girl in a blue sweater, Asian juga kah tu? Great pictures ... thanks for sharing kio.

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  6. Hi Dora,
    Thanks for dropping by kio. Yes, the lady with blue pullover tu dari Labuan, also married to a german. They live in Qatar baitu, they came back to Germany during Christmas visiting her hubby´s family. After Christmas they came to visit us, 2 jam saja mau drive tida jauh. We had fun. They might come again in Summer.

  7. I drooling over the food! hahahah!


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