Friday, 29 February 2008

She is Undiscipline!!!

Yup! I heard it loud and clear the birds are chirping outside here, the weather is bright and sunny with nice cool air, another blessing and glorious day!.. I'd love to hang around for a bit, but kinda tired today, I don´t feel 100 percent good, got a little bit of soar troat and slight flu...I hope I won´t get worse, not when the weather is getting nicer...grrr.. My elder son supposed to go for his Sport on Monday at 16.15 (he attends 1 hour sport every Monday) but since his good friend, Felix couldn´t make it (he fell sick) so Kenneth refused to go by his own, he decided to stay home and watched Snow White video which I borrowed from the Library that morning. The reason he didn´t want to go without Felix was because they´re the only GENTLEMEN in the group...the rest are all young ladies, so I guess it must be awkward for him being the only MAN doing sport, running around with all the ladies in the hall...hehehe..So I gave him my OK! he could stay home that day. There was one incident happened in the Sport Hall which really annoyed me. Its happened 3 weeks ago, on the way home from his sport Kenneth complain there was a girl in his group hit him, kicked him and even spitted him on the cheek during the sport. I was really stunt! I loss words for a second when I heard it, I almost couldn´t believed it someone spitted on my child´s cheek. Never mind about the hitting or kicking, it wouldn´t kill my son but I was just sick of thinking about the spitting part..its disgusting bah!!. How come my son only told me when we were almost reaching home?? Why not in the hall just after the sport?? If he had told me earlier I would have confront that girl or complain to the teacher straight away!!. Knowing boys are so naughty and wild sometimes so I thought it was Kenneth who started it all, so I questioned him!, but he denied it, even Felix saw what happened so my son couldn´t be lying...I got so frustrated, not with the girl instead with the teachers. I was wondering what are the teachers doing? I know they are 2 teachers with less than 10 kids so I think it shouldn´t be so much work to look after them... Sometimes I wonder if they´re just sitting at the corner reading gossip magazines, smoking or drinking coffee..Hey common we are paying them!!!. Its really driving me nuts!. how come some children are so undiscipline and no manners at all? I should not ask!, No wonder lah! You should see the way some parents bring up their children over here. ...of course not all of them but what I see most of the children here (OP) are really lack of discipline, the parents give them so much freedom, you should see the way they talk to their parents, gerigitan kau tinguk. Nothing like us back home, for us parents or elderly are the people we should give respect, hormat!!. But what I see here, children are talking so impolite, rude, so disrespect and even shouting back at parents like nothing!!...When I saw it my stomach shrink oh!!. My girl friend´s (Wife Malaysian, hubby German) son is 15 years old living with his grandma, one afternoon the grandma was trying to offer her help to her grandchild in doing his homework, do you know what the boy answered her? "Just shut up your mouth, do not interrupt", can you imagine your child talking such thing to their grandparents? and do you know what the grandma answered him? "OK...when you say so, I am out from here". Is that all she can say??? If I am the mother I could have spank my child that very moment..(sorry to say, I know NO SPANKING, just came out from my mouth because I was too angry)...thank god he´s not my son!!. Luckily my son was smart enought he approached the teacher and complain about the girl that day, she was told off by the teacher and being warned if she gonna repeat the stupid thing again they gonna tell her parents about it.....nahhh..baru dia tau!!. At home I complain to my husband about it and I think he is more frustrated than me. I felt like facing the parents, but I didn´t want to make small matter worse so sabar sajalah, in my heart she is only a little girl! If the parents know maybe she will be in trouble or they just ignore it (kadang2 some parents buat ndak tau saja, dibiar saja anak pukul anak orang) so I was being nice!. Since this is LENT season I forgive her. I said OK only ONCE, no more!. I reminded my son if she or anybody else hurt him in anyway in the future, he should warn them or hit back!!! I don´t care, am I a sinful mom now? Well, I don´t mean to teach my son to be a bad boy but at least he must learn how to defend himself....


  1. OMG Luthie, so sorry to hear that incident happened to Ken. Punya nasty perangai eh. Gerigitan eh. Yes Luthie, you should go straight to the teacher and maybe should talk her the parents too, IF it happen again. My Godness! Aduss! Dia cakap begitu dengan grandma dia, alamak, kalau saya keluarlah sudah wap from both my ears....haha! Susah juga kan but for my very opinion, salah silap tu memang 95% parents lah. Sorry to say but parents are the one to blame lah.

  2. Yes I surely do that in the future but hopefully will never happen again. Kesian anak sia kana ludah!.

    Abt my friend´s son, yes you´re right. 100% silap mom and dad! I think they don´t educate him about manners, so pity!!.

  3. Adoi, kesian gia your son :( Berasap telinga baca your post... kalau sia kau, sia suda complen to the teachers. Bukan apa, sometimes, kita bersabar, lagi kita kana pijak kepala.

    Mungkin sebab sia semakin tua, I find myself naik angin seja lately. Kalau ada yang buat hal, eh, sia cakap seja sama dia. I used to be very (VERY) penyabar, tapi bikin sakit seja, org bukan appreciate. So now, if I feel sia kena tindas or received bad service, I tell them off.. haha

    Sia punya mantra these days: - What Goes Around Comes Around.

  4. Thanks Nessa. I take your advice. Mcm manyasal juga sia tida pigi komplen but now way to late, the kids pun already lupa but I swear if happen again, no more excuse. I will go and deal with it. Yabah jangan kana tindas kan especially for us who live in a foreign land banyak cabaran dan dugaan..salah2 boleh kana bully,kana tindas dan kana tipu..mesti pandai2 tupai melumpat lah.


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