Wednesday, 6 February 2008

My order has came

Remember when I wrote about the Magical Wolfberries? Well, we did an order. The 1 kilo wolfberries came a few days ago. I just hope that I manage to discipline myself and my family to take them continuously. Here is the photo to share.


  1. That looks like a very big bag of berries.

    It would take me a month to eat that.

  2. Luthie, how much is it cost for 1 kg?

  3. Yeah its quite a big bag, I kilo! haha..maybe it will take us more than a month to finish it. Anyway, thanks for dropping by. Can I add your blog in my list?

    Hilda, 1 kilo cost me about 29 Euro plus the postage 5 Euro. Its okay..if you want, try to look for the wolfberries in the US, a lot there. Just have to look on the internet. Semoga panjang umur haha..


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