Friday, 8 February 2008

English Books

Its not easy to find Children English books in Germany especially in our small town. Sometimes I wish we live in an English speaking country so we don´t have this kind of problem. I have been looking in book stores in town but 99% percents of the children books are in German. I saw few English books but only for adults and they´re not cheap!. All this while I am reading German Children books for Kyle before bed time, sometimes I don´t even know what I am reading about since my German is not that good. I might be teaching wrong German to my own son. (Its time to improve my German wuahhh!!). A few weeks ago we became member in the library in town. Surprisingly the small Library is quite good from what I have expected. It has quite good choices of books, magazines, dvds, cassettes, vcds for children, and many more...we can even go online for free in the library and they have German learning programme. (Hey thats for me hihi). I am amazed!, its not bad for a small place like that!. But I wasn´t looking for German stuff there, I tried to look for English books but I couldn´t find them...after asking, the staff showed me English Section, its so funny coz they only have 2 book shelfs for English and its really hidden at the end of the building wonder I couldn´t find it in the beginning. I checked the books there mostly are still new, looks like less people borrowing English stuff there...that´s an advantage, ITS ALL OURS!! haha..tamaha!. I borrowed a few children English books, English DVDs for my boys and got an English Novel for myself. That´s enough for the meanwhile, see how long I am going to finish that one book, I only started reading a few pages haha!. I hope by reading English books can improve my English a easy lah blogging kekeke... I don´t see why I should spend money buying books when one can use the public service without any cost. oh yah one good thing we can keep our books for one month and we can do the extension online..what an easy life eh?

(Kyle is engrossed "reading" one of the children books haha).

(Got one English Novel for myself "Dream a Little Dream").


  1. Glad they have English books for you Luthie. Berabislah kau....hihi! How cute si Kyle reading, dengan paficier dia ...concentrate lagi dia. What a darling!

  2. Berabis lah ni Hilda Kenneth wants to go to Library everyweek pula LOL:) well, its better than asking mama to do toys shopping, sakit wallet LOL.


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