Wednesday, 13 February 2008

Happy Valentine´s Season...

Do you already have any special/romantic plan in mind yet? Maybe candle light for two? I hadn't thought of it that much yet. Mana ada lagi candle light for two, now ber-4 already. I don´t know if hubby will be romantic this year LOL!. But I know hubby love me dearly, but it would be nice if he surprise me with something on Valentine´s day kan (ok..ok...dream of it Luth), maybe its best I prepare myself not to expect anything hehehe... What do you prefer for your Valentine´s Day gift? Jewellery, Candle Light Dinner, Chocolates or bunch of Flowers? I don´t go for chocolate too much...I think most of the chocolates on sale for valentine have those filled ones...which are just too, too sweet plus I don´t think I can look at Chocolates anymore now coz our last Christmas was full of Chocolates geez....I don´t mind a bunch of flowers...(kalau adalah..I definitely say yes to that one hehe). Maybe hubby will not remember about Valentine´s day tomorrow, maybe he has to work longer so I am not holding my breath..Kalau tida pun bah duduk dalam rumah and watch TV also Valentine time kan...hehe..if he remembers than exchange hugs and kisses is also ok lah LOL.. I hope you´ll have a perfect time with your loved ones on Valentine´s Day.


  1. Happy Valentine, Luthie! Bah, mesti ada tu...hihi! One thing kan, restaurant semua pun penuh sesak kan. Bikin malas mau pigi keluar dinner.
    Hope you have a great one Luthie!

  2. Happy Valentine´s Day too Hilda, kau pigi dinner dengan si Dough? I don´t think we go lah, dengan ni dua askar yg active susah mau makan di restaurant..sayang saja order nice food, dua sudu saja turus rejek..Anyway, hope you hv a great valentine´s day..berapa busar roses kau? kakakaa...

  3. Happy Valentine's Day Luthie! Harap2 ko dapat la bunga idaman ko tu... hehehe

  4. Tiada Nessa (eh mau panggil apa ni Nessa or Agnes?) hahaha...taik bunga ayam pun teda haha..hubby got to work very late kadai sudah tutup...kapunan sia kangku dia haha..but never mind lah, next year sia minta dobol haha..tapi hubby sent e-card from his office, sweet enough kan, at least he remembers..


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