Tuesday, 26 February 2008

My "Helper" Is Back!!

It has been with us for 5 years now. It has been great having it, since I have one, my work in the kitchen become more efficient labah kunun...Not only that it saves a lot of my time, tida lah payah berdiri berjam-jam didapur lagi, while it helps me I can easily do other things in the house...di pendek kan cerita I am always thankful lah for its service. But last weekend when I wanted to start it, all of a sudden it went "mogok", takan punya takan "Start" button masih tida jalan, grrrr not happy Luthie!!..geram sudah sia tu...Well, kalau dia mati terus I would not be surprised cause its an old helper...But I was worried!, the problem is I cannot afford to replace into new one...not right now when we need to save every penny for our new house planning!!. I tried to pujuk hubby (dengan muka 2o cents sia tu) to have a look at our old Electrolux Dish Washer. Belum2 lagi hubby already said if he cannot repair it then we have to wash our dishes manually from now on! Sucks!. Itu yang sia tida mau fikir tu, bah kana manja sudah ni jari jari, bagaya!. Padahal dulu bukan main terer lagi cuci piring kalau ada orang kawin dikampung, betimbun-timbun lagi tu LOL:) Those were the days!. Well, hubby spent several hours trying to figure out which part was broken...he took out almost every part:) tinggal tulang lagi tu machine sia tinguk haha...while he was doing it I was wondering if he can put it up together again LOL :) macam tida trust laki oh kan LOL. Apa lagi when all are opened I could see and smell all the collected fungus and old food yg stuck yukkks..Sorry ah don´t eat while you´re reading this LOL... kesian juga si hubby:) it was kinda stressful juga for him. But alas thank god it´s working again...Phuuhh. Punyalah saya lega!... Blessed hubby´s heart for his patient that day..I don´t know if he managed to repair it or pressed some buttons coincidental....haha. Anyway, I was more than happy to have my old machine working again...I hope it still can serve us until we get a new one..The only problem is, WHEN will, or IF EVER, I get a new one? Hopefully Mr. Santa will bring me ONE on Christmas :).


  1. Thank God your hubby have been able to fixed@tajoh your big helper, Luthie. I am sure you will get a new one when it's time...haha! "You will get it when it's time"...that's what my hubby always told me when I ask him to buy something. Our big helper was broken once right after we moved to OR, I told my hubby that if we cannot fixed it, I am going to buy a new one online....haha! Mean me.

  2. Mula2 sia ingat ko ada amah! Mogot po ada dishwasher... inda kisah la lama ka baru, yg penting 'ada' :)

    Sia inda kisah cuci piring, tapi yang sia malas, are those kuali, pots and pans... esp. yang susah mau kasi bersih. Eh, kuali buli kasi masuk dlm dishwasher ka?

  3. Sia joking bah tu, Luthie. Saja menyakat my hubby. I don't mean mau suggest kau aah....haha!

  4. I don´t mind buying online oh Hilda, asalkan murah hehe. U know we bought our tv online..tapi at the moment klu helper rosak buy only oso kenot afford. Hrap2 jangan rusak dulu.

    LOL Nessa itulah "amah" kami di sini, hopefully soon ada sdah wsher di msia sinang dii kamu kan. Betul tu leceh mo cuci kuali and pots kan, semua boleh masuk dish washer bah asalkan ada tmpt tapi klu sia itu periuk cuci juga pakai tangan sebab its huge gia makan tmpt. U take care ah..nanti sia pigi tempt kaurang..enjoy reading.


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