Wednesday, 6 February 2008

Happy Birthday!!!

Hi Ann,
Didn´t know that you´re have been blogging for a year now...panjang umur eh? Congrats!, your blog is now 1 year old, so let´s celebrate!. Have fun blogging!. p/s I wanted to look for "cake" for meowi but I am running of time now...LOL.


  1. Wow!!! How sweet of you Luthie!!! Thankyou very BIG!!! :D

  2. How big? LOL..kawan kawan punya pasal haha..sambil mau promote kau punya blog bah Ann hahaha...but really proud of you yg sudah bloggin for a year. Jangan stop ah..continue seja..nanti teda kawan kami yg kebaruan ni.

  3. Haha...betul tu Ann. Jan berhenti ah. Kami sama Luthie ni kebaruan lagi, inda tau in a year manalah sudah kami ni. TAHNIAH and Happy Birthday to your blog! Semoga panjang umur dan murah rezeki!!!


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