Wednesday, 13 February 2008

Pregnant At 80, U believe it?

A friend of mine sent me this link to a news site, reporting about a 80 years old woman getting pregnant! Below is a copy of the article taken from that website. happy Reading... ISLAMABAD (ANI) -- Normally it is difficult for women to conceive after around 50 years of age. But, quite unbelievably, an 80-year-old woman in Pakistan is pregnant of four months. According to The News, the woman, Khurshid Bibi, stays in village Ghaziabad, near Chichawatni, in Sahiwal district, around 128 km from Multan. When she learnt about the fact she was astonished saying it would be very difficult for her to face the grand children. Khurshid Bibi got to know about her pregnancy last week when she visited a hospital complaining of pain in her abdomen. An ultrasound was done and her pregnancy was discovered. Khurshid, who got married in 1950, gave birth to a female child only in the following year and could not conceive again. Her husband Ahmed Din (85) said a palmist-astrologer had told him some years ago that he would become a father of another child after a few years, but he never believed him. Copyright © 2001 ANI-Asian News International. All rights reserved Source : Mayanmajix


  1. Wow! I have never heard of this story. But wow! If it's accurate, alalaah tercabar eh.....haha! Hard to believe but it was on the news. What is your take on this, Luthie?

  2. Hi luthie. Just blog hopped here from Nessa's blog.. :)

    Anyways, this is just so unreal. So unbelievable. If lah my late grandma were to announce that she was pregnant when she was 80 years old that time, matai lah. Ndak tau lah how I would react! LOL!


  3. Hi Shema, thanks so much for dropping by at my humble nest..kunun! hahaha..its great indeed to see you here..salam kenalan ah. R U also Sabahan like me? I am sure will drop by at yr place later...

    Hilda, saya pun tida tau mau picaya kah tida ni, but the article just caught me eyes and feel like sharing. Tercabar kau Hilda? haha..mati sia katawa kau ni. Bah cari tongkat ali haha..

  4. Sia pun macam tercabar oh Hilda! LOL
    It's like hinting us for the second one.

  5. MaryAnn, saya katawa kamurang ni. Yabah jangan kalah oleh si Nenek oh LOL...


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