Saturday, 23 February 2008

A Day Of Relax!

I cannot help but to blog about it LOL...I think everyone was in good mood yesterday coz we had such a nice weather. After doing some errands in the house I took a short break, sitting in my living room enjoying my hot capucino. I was looking outside my garden through my glass doors and I noticed so many dirty finger prints on my glass doors ...darn!. I don´t remember when was the last time I cleaned the glass doors and my windows..I think 3 or 4 months ago. When its dark and gloomy everything look clean and shining, but once the sun comes out the real truth speak out:) not only finger prints, lips prints pun ada, I didn´t know that my boys have been kissing the glass doors when I was not looking :) One family had an appointment to see our house (Our house is still in advert) at 6pm so before they came I guess I had to do my early Spring Cleaning. Its not really a job that I like to do but it has to be done!. The temperature was about 12 degrees yesterday and it was sunny, its a shame to stay home when the weather is nice outside....we don´t know how long does it last. As soon as my son woke up from his afternoon nap, we drove to the town centre..I haven´t been to the town centre since Christmas!. I blame it on Winter, the cold weather didn´t motivate me strolling in town, sejuk bah!.

Maybe because I haven´t been to town for quite sometimes..biji mata pun jadi besar, I was really tempted to do shopping hehe.. I have to keep reminding myself not to do any more unneccesarry shopping....I think that´s the weak point of every woman...SHOPPING! :)

I managed to do a few things in town which I wanted to do. The most important thing was to get my son´s glasses repaired, he has not been wearing his glasses for two days because the glass came out from its frame, I don´t know how it happened, maybe he was jumping too much, dropped and accidently stepped on it, I am glad the shop owner was so kind, he didn´t charge me anything, not even 1 euro cent!. maybe because we are regular customers or because we bought the glasses there, I don´t know.

A friend of mine had her birthday in January but we never got the chance to celebrate her birthday together. She just gave birth to her first baby so I guess she has been busy adjusting her new life as a mom. I managed to get her a little present for her belated birthday yang hampir2 mau bangas :) Today we visited her and its nice to see her baby growing fast. So cute and adorable, ada dimple lagi tu:) really look like an angel...(most babies are :). We had a great time catching up stories and enjoying our "makan session"...yuhuu I had a free lunch too:). I hope when the weather gets nicer we can see each other more often again..

Oh yesss..I event brought my boys to an Italian Ice-cream shop. For the first time during winter (its still winter now), we could sat down outside sitting under the sun while enjoying our ice cream sundae..lekker! (Sedap). The kids were having fun running around chasing those poor pigeons!.

This weekend the temperature will be up to 19 degrees especially in our area (South of Germany).

The official Spring Season will be 27 more days to go...Isn´t that great!.


  1. Great post, enjoyed reading this! :D You sound just like my sis (Ann)... suda bored with winter.

    Sia ni masih kuno when it comes to snow, the nearest form of snow would the the ice in my freezer! So, I gladly say (for now) that I would love to lie in the snow, make snowman everyday (I don't even want to wait til Xmas) and play snow balls till my hands karas!!

  2. Thanks Nessa, Ann, me and everybody bored sudah ni:) Malas bah bekurung saja.

    Bah one day u make a point to visit Ann in Austria, sana bule berabis boguling atas snow LOL..

    Have a nice day!.


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