Wednesday, 6 February 2008

Its not my day today

After doing a little bit of house chores this morning I wanted to do my groceries shopping, I was kinda rushing because it was already 10.30 am, I didn´t have so much time left. I must do my shopping quickly because after that I need to go home to cook meal for lunch and then picking up Kenneth from the kindergarden at 12.00, ini labah ini, this is how our lives as housewives right...there is always something have to be fact our job never ending. I am not complaining here but sometimes I do not even have time for myself. You know what my lady neighbour told me the other day? "Sometimes you go out from the house look like a grandma" LOL....betul ni, I was not angry for her comment since she was telling the truth, I admit it, so I just have to take it. Back to my story...the bad thing happened was I left my house key inside the front door, WHAT??? Cilaka betul!!! I felt like hitting my head. How come I was so careless!!!!!!!! What shall I do? I started to panic already...mau marah pun tiada guna...its too lateee.. It was raining and windy outside, I couldn´t just stand outside with Kyle?? I didn´t even have a spare key outside, I was lucky I had my handy with me, normally I don´t bring my handy when going out phuuuuh..the one and only life saver, I called hubby at work immediately, he was at that time having a meeting lagi, kinda busy aduiii!...but that was the only solution, he has to drive home otherwise I have to call up door specialist and that will cost me about 80 Euro. Matilah! While waiting for hubby to come (took him about 25 minutes to reach home by the way) I, with my thick-face and so desperate plus so pity my little son knocked our neighbour´s door, luckily our neighbour who is already retired was home that time. He was kind enough to let us in after telling him what had happened, malu..malu..malu...kalau tida susah mana mau visit neighbour tu haha..while waiting for hubby he made me a cup of hot coffee, punyalah bagus, without him matilah saya. I think hubby was a bit disappointed for what had happened but things like this can happen anytime, anywhere to anyone bah kan...hehe..alasan lagi kan. Actually (nah have to admit something lah hehehe), different story again haha...this is not the first time things like this happened. Last year in September we wanted to go for a walk with some German friends in the wood, I accidently locked my car with the key inside, I thought I already had it my pocket, tapi saluk punya saluk rupanya dalam kereta, alamak punyalah bodoh, it was so damn cold outside, only 5 degrees, I think the cold made me confused and chaotic...konon I just wanted to be faster before we became frozen. Luckily one of the mothers managed to get a key specialist from a car workhop. He managed to opened my car within 15 minutes only. Great job! The good thing was he didn´t ask for a bill, he only wanted a "coffee money" that means I can give whatever amount I want. Adoii macam sia mau peluk dan cium dia straight away haha...He was really an Angel who saved my life that day. So dengan senang hati I gave him 20 Euro as a coffee money. I felt regret that I went out that day, if I just stayed at home maybe it wouldn´t happen right. After today´s incident, I wrapped one each extra key for house and key and hide them somewhere outside our terrace...if you know where I live, jan pi curi ah hahaha... I hope it will never happen again in the future. I have learned my lesson!!!.


  1. Whoooops! Sometimes it happen and we just have to learn from it.
    :-)) My hubby told me to do exactly the same, hide one extra key somewhere outside(wink wink) as our Billy tend to close and lock the door whenever he see the door open. Gonna have to do it soon...hihi!

  2. Do it lah Hilda, who knows bukan minta2 kan. U know today I was locked again, siKyle locked the door accidently while I went out to the garden to throw compost. I only went out for 2 minutes and its happened, but luckily I got spare keys I hide outside yesterday..thank God, can u imagine if I didn´t have spare keys outside and my son alone inside the house? Pengsan mangkali saya.

  3. Thank God you have the spare key sana luar Luth. Yalah, mau buat sudah ni. Billy tu pantang nmpak pintu buka, mesti pigi tutup siap kunci


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