Monday, 18 February 2008

Comes To Life Again

Last weekend I managed to do a lot in the house..pheww..Thanks to hubby for giving helping hands:) I am glad about it, LEGA! !! just need to do some ironing later in the evening..yukkkks! I hate doing this type of work, but somebody has to do it. We have been enjoying nice weather for few weeks now. People walking around only with pullovers on, without winter jackets! and I thought these people went crazy coz its still winter!. But thanks to Mr. Sunshine!, It makes the days warm and bright. (You can imagine having gloomy and cold days for a few months, it can be depressing sometimes). I saw farmers were already busy working in the field, tructors are everywhere, its really weird in this time of year because February can be really cold (peak of winter season). But I think Spring is already on its way..approaching us slowly. Hopefully!. Birds singing in the wee morning and everywhere flowers are coming out as if everything comes to life again:), Not only that, I saw the first "fly" flying haha, don´t get me wrong, its not that I haven´t seen flies in my life haha..but during cold season I don´t know where are all the flies gone...suddenly they disappear, we cannot see them flying around, bukan minta minta but at least I have peace frying my "ikan masin" (Salty Fish) without having to chase away those big and green flies from pinching my delicious ikan masin especially brought all the way from Malaysia....:) I don´t mind if Winter is going to be over soon, freedom bah!. I am sure everyone has enough of it already coz nobody will have depression due to lack of sunshine anymore. You know, all the time when Winter comes, I wish we can run away from the cold winter by going to a warm country like Malaysia, stay there enjoying the sun and the food until Winter is over hehe (dreaming again!!), well, if only I am a millionaire!! hehehe...Everyone is looking forward spending good time outdoors!. Can´t wait to see green leaves again!, now all the trees are naked and its super dull!. I just can´t wait!, it is nice to see my kids running around in the garden with their shorts and t-shirts like other kids back home. This is one of the bad and ugly days. Road was slippery and its so damn foggy!. Not to mention the super duper cold weather. In the morning I really need to watch every step, I have to make sure the boys won´t slip in any of their steps...Look how gloomy it is..I am glad if we have a little bit of sunshine.


  1. Where do you get your supply of Ikan Masin?? Ko buat sendiri ah?? Hehe

    Mogot po, sejuk. Sia di sini macam dlm sauna seja... ahasu!! I think the flies sleep when it's cold. I saw on TV la, magic show... something like that.

    Enjoy the sunshine :D

  2. Yeaaaahh....Spring is almost here! I cannot wait to go to the park with Billy. :-))

  3. Whenever ada Msian friend balik kampung I beglah to bring ikan masin hehehe..its impossible to make it here, matilah semua tu orang putih nampak langau dan bau yg kuat LOL. oh itu lalat2 semua tidur rupanya, di manalah durang tidur tu ah? Lama juga oh...

    Yabah Hilda, soon we can enjoy nice warm weather sudah. Siok kan.


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