Monday, 4 February 2008

What a busy weekend

Time flies so fast. Last weekend was a busy weekend for us. The days were gone like nothing...macam angin limpas saja. The interesting part was on Sunday, my new Malaysian friend, Ellaine Fischer invited us for lunch at her house, she lives in a farm house in a very small village about 19km from us. I am not sure how many inhabitants there, I think the people are mostly farmers because I could see many animal cages and big tractors everywhere. Lots of horses and cows too...the things that my boys like to see, dorang ni macam sakai if they see big tractors and real animals. Other than us, Ellaine also invited another other Malaysian friend, Teresa. She came with her husband. Its so nice to get to know more and more Malaysian living not far from my area. Both Ellaine and Teresa are from Malacca (Nyonya Baba, or some people call them Peranakan). Teresa has a mixed blood, Nyonya and Portugese. I didn´t expect the food was so much, it was really a "big lunch". Ellaine prepared the food all by herself, she is really a wonder woman haha...the dishes that she prepared were white rice (memang tida lari dari menu ni haha), yellow steamed glutinous rice, Lamb Kurma, Tropical salad, Wanton soup (pork´s bones soup), Chicken curry, Spring Rolls, Chap Choi (What is that in English?) I think its a mixed vegetables but its a peranakan style (I never tasted it before). Chicken wings with honey sauce, Sambal Udang cooked with pineapple and the dessert was all with tropical fruits. The food were all finger-licking good, so delicious so one couldn´t resist right? Most all the dishes cooked with coconut milk, full of calorie, so scary eh, but its okay to cheat a little bit right haha..I really ate a lot, no diet for that particular day, my mouth became bigger than my stomach friend said, when she saw good food she will turn into a vacuum cleaner automatically that´s what happened to me too LOL..kalah2 lagi vacuum. I wanted to take photos of the food that day to share in my blog but felt quite bashful pula to take out my camera especially around the people that I just met for the first time that day...maybe next time.


  1. Hi Luthie,
    Wah! So nice you found more Malaysians live not far away from you. Punya banyak dia masak, semua pun yummy....hihi! Seronoklah you all.

  2. Seronok juga Hilda at least I now I am not the only Malaysian here hehe..How about your place? Teda kah?


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