Saturday, 1 March 2008

Easter Gift.

I know it is Lent Season but its 23 more days until Easter. Most shops and houses already showing the spirit of Easter by putting up Easter Decorations. Apa lagi Easter Eggs and Easter Bunnies can be seen everywhere now. Kids already got their advance Easter Gift from our neighbour who live just a few block away. My boys are lucky cause these people are sooo children friendly...they have been pampering the boys...they shower them with many presents.... Whenever they appear to our doorsteps they must have something to the boys...untung lah durang ni selalu dapat hadiah. I feel so blessed jugalah. I am sure they´ll be missed when we move away from this town one day ..wuahh!!. See what she gave to my boys..cute or not? I find those bunny figures are so cute so tayang lah sikit hehehe....knowing her, I am sure she will come again before Easter with some Chocolates and other Easter goodies!. Sometimes I try to avoid those sweet stuff but somehow its hard to let down people who are just being nice to us right. If it is continue like this abis lah saya, I will never snap into my jeans hahaha..

Kyle enjoy playing with his new toys...he likes to make the figure kiss each other are always cute right.


  1. Aaaahh...those bunnies are sooooo cute, Luthie! I can imagine how excited your Ken and Kyle received those cute things! Punyalah bagus diorang jiran kamu. Kami sini inda berapa lah....haha!

  2. Alala... punya kiut :) I love cutesy stuff. Mo jatuh air liur sia suda ni... haha

    Best gia di sana, celebrate Easter. Sini KL inda berapa happening kalau Easter.

  3. LOL..Hi Nessa, Hilda...I also like cutie stuff, if I go shopping I can hours looking at those cutie stuff.
    Yabah Hilda nice to have nice neighbour kan. I think only Kenneth and Kyle are the smallest in the street thats why lah..untung durang haha..
    Nessa, Easter is one of the biggest celebration here because Germany is Catholic land bogia....
    Have a nice day ladies.


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