Saturday, 8 March 2008

Where I have Been?

Where I have been? Well, I have been so stress and down for a couple of days when my younger boy sick!. It was my another nightmare! But our bad days just over, Kyle feel better now. Thank God that we didn´t end up to the hospital this time (he was admitted twice before because of lung infection). Kyle is a premee boy, (will blog about this another time...such a long story) he seem to catch every respiratory infection that goes around every winter. He is more sensitive to cold climate in general. That is why I really wish I can get away from the winter because my son prefers warmer surroundings. Last week his bronchitis came back again and went down with fever for almost 6 days. My heart broke seeing my small boy with frequent hacking cough. His cough and breathlessness would be worse at night time because of the collected mucus in his lung and this really disturbed his sleeps for a few nights. He was wheezing most of the time and coughing endlessly...because of that I didn´t sleep well as well for a new nights..I was worried like hell!. So my job was nursing him, keeping my eye on him for 24 hours, waking up and giving him medications in the middle of the night....During day time I felt like a zombie!. Twice I had to bring him to see our Children doctor to have his lung checked-up. During the examination doctor found out that his left lung was already a bit infected but he got all the prescribed medicines that can help open his bronchial tubes and clear out mucus from his lung so it´s easier for him to breathe....which we need to give through inhaler....and now he is under two different antibiotics treatment. He needs to take his medicines with the inhaler for 14 days now and after that we´ll see..I have to get him check-up again and hopefully he will be fully recovered by then... I really pity my son..because of his sickness, his appetite had decreased. His body weigh dropped a little...I tried in every way to offer him food but he just rejected it. Most of the times he is playful and cheerful child, never sit quietly in one place but when he would not be keeping in good health he would become very mild, occasionally got irritated so easily and got very angry if not obeyed. Thank God my son is slowly recovering now, still not eating much but at least he started drinking more fluid again and trying to catch up his sleepless nights...He started to be lively again and I am so glad to see his improvement. As his mom, I will be very glad if one day he can get rid of his dependence on bronchodilator drugs and inhalers and hopefully he can start lead a normal healthy life.


  1. Hi Luthie...was just passing by and omg. Am so sorry to hear about your son. I can't begin to imagine how hard this must be for you and you're family. I'm glad that he's starting to recover. Keep the faith and God bless.

  2. Hi Rozella,
    Thanks for dropping by. Yeah its quite hard for us, everytime my son feel sick I am in sorrow..I am worry about his health all the time. Since he is vulnerable I have to jaga him so so carefully...Have a nice weekend.

  3. Hi Luthie,
    Thank God, Kyle is getting better. So sian dia. Really nice to see him smiling again. That's a good sign. :-)) Take care, Luthie.

  4. I'm glad he feels better :)

    Taking care of kids when they're sick memang susah. I remember my youngest boy when he was just a few months old dia punya usus terbelit ( sia pun inda tau mcm mana buli terjadi). Masa di hospital byknya itu wayar2 di muka dan badan dia. Siksa tingu...

  5. OMG Nessa, macam mana usus boleh terbelit ni? Takut sia dingar. You´re right its painful seeing kids when they´re sick kan...apa lagi like us nobody around (I mean family members) terasa bah. Everything has to handle alone..hubby got to work..argghhh.

    Yabah Hilda, he is recovering but still has to use the inhaler 3x a day now but I reduce the drugs not only can smile but also can jump around again alalah..the good thing is eating more again..

    Have a nice day ladies.




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