Friday, 14 March 2008

Nasty Weather Here!

Weather has not been so good the past few days - Stormy, cold and rainy on most days ... Spring is just around the corner but it looks like autumn aka winter here. England and France are hit badly by the storm, but thank God, it hadn't been too bad in Germany...itu storm macam limpas saja di sini. Nevertheless, there had been interruptions in our tv cable transmission, and making our internet connection slow at times. The days are really grey...It makes me feel so down at times ... don´t ask me why ...but I believe we all have the up and down for no reasons sometimes hehe... Yesterday morning I went shopping I had to fight pushing my shopping trolley..I almost couldn´t make it to the car, very windy plus rain wahh...I could feel the wind slapping hard on my face!. Kalau pakai skirt memang naik atas punya tu hahaha.. We do need rain tho' to wash away all these yellow pollens that have been creating havoc to people's health...sore/scratchy/itchy throat...drippy nose and runny eyes! One of them is hubby, suffering from this blossom season. Some people really suffering from it, they even have to go for jab, I am glad, touch wood! the boys and I don´t have allergy when Spring comes... Kyle is fully recovered from his fever and bronchitis now, for me thats all what matters!...hubby was suffering bad soar troat and heacheache but still had to go to work because there is an important matters he had to attend at work (poor guy!), now recovering but still very tired. Thank God today is Friday yeayyy..I, myself had a slight soar troat a fews day ago but luckily its totally gone now..cepat2 saya ambil medication to prevent its getting worse..I cannot afford to get sick!, everyone at home depend on MAMA!. School children will have their 2 weeks school holiday start next week (Spring Break) and some parents already looking forward to this break. That means there will be a heavy traffic on the road especially the highway heading to Austria and Italy cause many people want to go skiing in the mountain. I am unfortunate cause there will be no break for pre-schooler like Kenneth. He still has to attend pre-school during the break, I cannot dream of having extra sleeping beauty especially when the weather like this, its nice to tuck myself in bed with my soft thick blanket hehe...Well, I still have to get up early to get breakfast for family but at least Kenneth will have break from Sport, Music School and Kyle doesn´t have to attend his weekly I hope I will have a good relaxing time with the boys at home, I guess that must be every moms dream to relax when they can right. I guess I better go and prepare some Chicken ginger soup for myself soon...its nice to enjoy hot soup when its cold...give me more energy hehe... The good news is they forcast good weather at the weekend, the temperature will be 11 degrees celcius with sunshine (not so warm yet tapi bershukur sudah tu haha). We plan to go out of town to make use of the nice day!.


  1. Luthie, I saw about the stormy weather in that part of the world in the news yesterday. Memang masa/musim dia kah tu Luth? Dari last week lagi kan. Take care, jan pakai skirt pigi keluar rumah ah...haha!
    We had a very nice weather yesterday, 71 degree bah. Now sejuk lagi balik. :-))

  2. Yalor since last week lagi tu, stormmm saja di sini ni..actually teda musim dia tu x tau this year kenapa..hopefully we don´t live near the sea or river..nanti banjir pula.
    Yalah jangan pakai skirt...lagipun sijuk juga kan gagaran nanti si kawan haha..
    Bah have a nice weekend kio.

  3. Sini pun rainy for the past week. But I actually prefer that to the sun, panas bah.

    Sioknya mo cuti sekolah 2 weeks. Sini the kids just abis 1 week school holiday, tomorrow kana bangun awal again... sighhhh.

  4. I also have to bangun awal my anak teda cuti haha..but we have long weekend this week because of Easter..dari Friday to Monday.


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