Thursday, 13 March 2008

Anyone? Please Help..

Sorry to ask but since I am new in blogging thingy...I cannot help but to ask question hehe...maybe some of you can see whats happening in my blog...I attached a few photos in my blog but I am disappointed everytime when I log into my blog I cannot view the photos, all I can see is RED X, all the photos turned into RED X, bikin sakit mata sia....why is that ah? Tolong gia advice...
Muches Gracias!!..
Danke (German)


  1. Hi Luthie, I already add u into my blog roll. As for your photo problem, must be the downloading part. Usually only allow jpeg file to be downloaded, i not so sure about other pic file.

  2. Hi Luthie!
    Sia pun inda tau oh. I had the same prob recently, sia malas mau fixed terus sia buang saja. Sia pun tau apa tu problem dia. Sorry inda dapat tolong Luthie.

  3. Thank you so much Rose...actually I downloaded jpg photos..but donno what went like Hilda I just delete lah..faster! haha..

    Thanks for dropping by..I tried to visit yr place 2x but cannot go in why ar?

    Its ok Hilda, you I also buang /took out the photos lah..apa boleh buat.

  4. Hi Luthie :)

    I don't see any red X pun. Your other photos looks fine to me. Maybe the file too big la. Sia pun tia tau :( Normally I save my pictures 'for web'. I also dunno how to explain that in other words.

    Anyway, ko kana tag lagi :D

    Message In A Bottle

  5. kana tag lagi kah? Bah I go to your place now...


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